Border Update 22JAN10-Mission Aborted

Friday 22JAN10

I left the C1 compound at 0930, on the weekend following one of the rainiest weeks in the history of Southern California.  I had some business to attend to in the area and wanted to check in with some of the locals whom I have come to know these many years.  But mostly I was itchin’ to do work on the border.  I knew the roads and weather would be bad….just didn’t realize how bad.

On the way I encountered closed and washed out roads….paved ones.

I can only imagine what shape the border roads must’ve been in.  And imagine was all I would do, for common sense got the better of me and I decided not to venture to the border road.  Several BP agents I spoke with in Jacumba agreed that it was a good idea not to go down there and if I didn’t have to on the border then don’t.  As a volunteer I have that luxury.  The men and women of the United States Border Patrol aren’t as lucky.

In Boulevard it began to snow heavily.

In Campo it was rain mixed with ice and hail.

Even in the nasty weather the invasion continues unabated and a local reported frequent groups coming across in the Zuellner’s area, while another local friend of mine informed me that BP removed nine illegals from the truck museum that very morning.


Camp Vigilance has also seen it’s share of wet, wandering illegals this week.

Nevertheless I tended to only the most pressing business then turned around and headed home.

I was treated to a bit of scarce sunshine on the way home.

I’ll be back

Semper Vigilans,


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