U.S. Evolutions AAR

This just in from U.S. Evolutions, some pics and text have been omitted for security purposes-C1

Sunday 1-10-10

Smuggling activity is returning to the border in our area.  We observed a group of seven directly south of where our fence ends.  We watched until they finally moved out of sight to our east.  Shortly after that a USBP sensor activated indicating they may have crossed where the new border fencing was built to our east last year.  The combination of fencing and sensors is working to at least detect crossings there.  But BP still lacks cameras and usable patrol roads along that section of fence.  Another group crossed west of where our own fence ends, leading BP on a chase that was still in progress after sundown.  We intercepted radio traffic from apparent smugglers who may have loaded that group in a vehicle and hid them in a near by structure.  We resumed work on our fence adding a single post on the east end in an area consisting of solid rock.  This area has been a difficult spot for us due to the terrain.  The solution we have settled on makes the best use of our materials and limited budget for construction difficulties such as drilling into solid rock.  We placed a heavy base plate  with a post on the rock, leveled it, then poured concrete over with with chicken wire to add some structure.  Once we have more of these installed and the chain link is added it should hold up well enough to make an effective barrier across a  vulnerable crossing point.
It has been busy here in the past as seen in the videos linked below:

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