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This just in from Red Army.  While I tended to neglected chores here at the C1 compound,(including the accidental laundering of my primary cell phone, thoroughly cleansing it of all numbers and operating system) Patriots Red Army, Golf 1 and Liberty1 were on the border doing work.  Good job, men!  I look forward to being back in my usual area of operations very soon.  Until then here is Red Army's after action report: -C1

To: STAVKA: High Command of the Red Army
From: The Political Department of the Red Army, Southwestern Front HQ
Re: Operations in the Campo Sector
Intrepid Comrades Golf 1, Red Army, and new volunteer defender of our beloved Motherland, Liberty 1, departed for the Front at approximately 0745hrs. They successfully evaded the veritable dragnet of highway rules enforcement, struggling to fill their quotas of ever increasing infraction tickets, in an attempt by the State to staunch the financial blood loss caused by gross and treasonous mismanagement of public funds, graft, avarice, oligarchy, and the continual erosion of the liberties of the citizens of California. The comrades drank coffee, exchanged perhaps one of the most war-like barrages of dick jokes seen in Western Civilization since Charlemagne's coronation as Holy Roman Emperor in AD 800, and generally agreed that John Wayne is dearly missed.
Golf 1 and Red Army also agreed that devouring sushi off of…well, the Red Comrade's Field Court upheld General Order # 69, often referred to as the "Sushi Ruling" by unanimous vote. Again.

The Comrades arrived on station at the Couch Trail, geared up in equipment that was mostly the pride of…some other country's production, that had formerly been American made. A sad state of affairs, this outsourcing of industry treason.
Once geared, radio checked, and ready, the three set off on a westward patrol, informing the first NKVD Border Trooper they encountered of their disposition and intended Area of Operations. Once again, throughout the day, to a Trooper, the NKVD Border Guards were helpful, professional, and an honor to this great Motherland. Much of the day was dedicated to giving a crash course on border volunteer vigilance to Liberty 1, who unlike most citizens who are opposed to the continual invasion of America, actually got off of his couch and manned up, with the mantra that the Comrades had been taught by the Legendary C1: Safe and Legal at all times. No exceptions.
Weather conditions were cold, dry, windy, and there were several fires burning south of the fence. Once was noted as burning inside the train tunnel south of the border, as smoke was observed to be billowing out of the gated entrance. Two large fires were burning at the dairy nearby, as trash was being heaped and then set afire by people in residence there. Additionally, two smaller fires were spotted in downtown Tecate.
Near the "14 Horseshoe" a lay-up area was spotted. The photos attached really do not do justice to the sheer number of blankets, water bottles, trash wrappers, discarded clothing, backpacks, tooth brushes and even Alka-seltzer that was found throughout the area.

One deformed plastic bottle, seemingly slightly burned and filled with a gelatinous white substance, was spotted. The sight of it filled the comrades with a sense of fear and loathing.
Note- The item below looks amazingly similar to the homemade hand warmer I found at Zuellner's High Point several years ago(see photo below this one)-C1

Patrol eastward and into Smith Canyon revealed a hidden 3rd cave there at the entrance just before the heavy oaks begin. It was swept and found to be clear. For further reference to all comrades, the new cave entrance is located very close to the others, just slightly north and behind the ruined structure foundation.
Observation from Horse Rustler's Point spotted a lone bicyclist south of the fence, emerge from the canyon, and travel west bound for Tecate. He was dressed all in black/dark colors, had a very large pack strapped to his back, and was carrying at least a gallon of water in a plastic jug as well. Additionally a large sand-rail type off road vehicle appeared and headed quickly from Tecate to the single house just south of the fence below the point. There, the driver deposited something outside the closed gate and then departed by means of a rather wild and circuitous route. Some thirty minutes later, the driver returned and again made some deposit or removal in front of the gate. He departed by the same route, then met a truck traveling from Tecate toward the aforementioned house. When the truck reached the gate, the driver – seemingly the resident- opened the gate and then the truck and sandrail proceeded inside. The two had an animated discussion in front of the house then went inside. All of this activity was reported to the local Border Guards.
The Comrades departed the front that evening at approximately 2015hrs, noting a large increase in Border Guard activity in the area.
The majority of the citizens of this great nation are opposed to the daily invasion of the United States by illegal immigrants, and yet only a handful seem to be willing to actually take legal action about it. Writing an email to a congressional representative takes maybe five minutes. Checking labels to not buy Chinese products, and thereby deny your money to the largest unelected dictatorship on earth, is an easy habit to get into. So is coming and seeing this for yourself. Every day, along the length of the southern border of the United States, citizen volunteers safely and legally do that very thing, out of love of their home states, and love of America. Won't you stand for what you believe in? Won't you stand up for America, when She needs you the most?
Conclusion of Report

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