Picking the pockets of Patriots

Speaking of scumbags (see post below this one referring to SDMM's lawyers) here is another one: Jim Gilchrist.  Please help Ms. Courtney if you can.  And PLEASE DO NOT donate to Jim Gilchrist.

Besides the details below, I am reminded of Jim Gilchrist's e-mail notifyng all of Agent Robert Rosas's murder- followed by a repugnant request for contributions, not the the Rosas family but to Jim Gilchrist!  Using the death of an American Hero for his own  personal enrichment is absolutley disgusting. ( I have attached Gilchrist's e-mail and request for donations below, but PLEASE Do Not donate to this man)-C1

Gilchrist brags to illegal alien advocate: I did not give money meant for Ramos & Compean


Contact:  Deborah Courtney

Irrefutable Truth that Jim Gilchrist Misappropriates Funds
An established pattern and why the Original Board of Directors fired him from MMP

Gilchrist brags to illegal alien advocate, did not give money meant for Ramos & Compean

Link to Video


In a stunning on camera confession, Jim Gilchrist acknowledged to illegal alien advocate, Naui Ocelotl, that he raised donations for the Defense Fund of Former Border Patrol Agents Nacho Ramos and Jose Compean, the beloved heroes of the anti illegal immigration movement, yet admits he did not give the money to them, instead keeping and using the funds for himself.

View the Jim Gilchrist interview at and view supporting documents.

Minuteman Project Board Member Deborah Courtney has sworn statements from the beleaguered Border Agent families of Ramos and Compean confirming that they did not receive any money from Jim Gilchrist in 2007, the year he first claimed to fund raise on their behalf.  “However, the families were not complaining when confirming this fact”, she says.  Ms. Courtney has also discovered a fund raising letter dated January 2007 in which Jim Gilchrist claims he had already donated to the Ramos and Compean Defense Fund. “The Board would have never signed off on that letter”, she stated, “and it was an elaborate ruse to capture further dollars for Gilchrist.”

“It is shameful Jim Gilchrist used the plight of Ramos and Compean to raise funds for his own pecuniary interest and purpose.  Gilchrist needs to be held accountable,” Courtney exclaims.  She learned it was not until late 2008 that Jim Gilchrist placed only $100 in the commissary fund of “Nacho” Ramos, and in the Spring of 2009 gave a mere $200 to Jose Compean. The Agents sentences were commuted by President Bush on January 19, 2009. “There is no telling how much was raised, as Gilchrist will not submit to a written request for data,” Courtney explains.

Instead, Jim Gilchrist concedes to his own self dealing on the tape.  In the video he shot, illegal alien advocate Naui Ocelotl asks Gilchrist if he is raising money for Ramos and Compean, to which Jim Gilchrist answers “Yes”, as he carries a sign reading “Free Ramos and Compean”.  When further queried by Ocelotl as to how much money he gave to them, Gilchrist admits “None”.  Instead, he tries to deflect from himself and defames Ms. Courtney and fellow Minuteman Project Board Member Marvin Stewart, and Paul Sielski. 

Because Deborah Courtney had previously uncovered an on going pattern of malfeasance, further supported by this recently discovered tape, Ms. Courtney and her fellow Board members were forced to terminate Gilchrist in early 2007, because of his multiple failures and the deliberate circumvention of his duty to disclose all bank accounts, contracts, fund raisers and the amount of donations raised in 2006.  The Board discovered Jim Gilchrist operated in complete secrecy and collusion with former Executive Director Steve Eichler who was also terminated.

Jim Gilchrist was lawfully terminated as President and a Board Member by the governing Board of Directors and is perpetrating a fraud upon his supporters,” explained Ms. Courtney.  “Jim Gilchrist specifically named me a Board Member in legal documents under penalty of perjury in six states, as can be proven by evidence on my website”.  Most states require that organizations are run by a financially responsible Board of Directors. “These Board members are held accountable if fraud arises, as the state views us as the first line of defense in keeping fraud out of the fund raising,” Ms. Courtney adds, “Despite Gilchrist’s attempts to hide his improper activities, the Board of Directors saw a pattern of malfeasance, corruption, and cover ups that resulted in his removal.”  Gilchrist lacks the integrity to lead this movement.



Affidavite (Compean's Wife) (compeans-wifes-declaration)

Gilchrist Lawsuit against Brook Young & others (Link)

MMP / Gilchrist Fundraising Letter 1/30/2007 (mmp-ramos-and-compean-1-30-2007 letter)

State Fundraising Documents










Event     Scheduled Date     Start Time     Dept     Judge
JURY TRIAL     01/04/2010     09:00     C25     WILKINSON


Here is the copy of the e-mail from Gilchrist referred to above-C1

Our friends at Campo Minutemen reported a tragedy last night, when a Federal Border Patrol Agent was shot and killed right after investigating a sighting of 4 suspicious people on the border by Minuteman volunteers.
The shooting was reported about 9:15 p.m. near the border on Shockey Truck Trail southeast of the San Diego Sheriff Department's Campo substation.

Four engines, paramedics, and a medical helicopter were dispatched to the area, but the agent was declared dead at the scene, according to Cal Fire Battalion Chief Nick Schuler.

Police report that the victim was shot in the head.

Campo is located about 55 miles east of San Diego, CA.  The shooting Thursday night was close to the border near Campo on Shockey Truck Trail about 100 feet north of the border.

This is breaking news and we will report more as soon as it is reported to us.


Please click here to send your most generous donation to support the continued work of the Minuteman Project on behalf of Border Security and Immigration Reform.

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