Please Help These Fellow Patriots

This makes me so mad I can't see straight. The San Diego Minutemen have been a tireless force on the border and inland for years.  Their efforts have successfully helped clean up the highways, neighborhoods and canyons of San Diego and  they continue to battle amnesty for illegal aliens while striving to keep our communities safe.  For their efforts they have been ripped off by a scumbag lawyer.  While I have never directly served with the SDMM I support their efforts and hope that you will too.  Below are two e-mails I recently received. PLEASE HELP!-C1

Update on SDMM's Fight for our Caltrans Settlement Money from Attorney Howard Kaloogian

Friday, December 18, 2009 6:08 PM

From:San Diego Minutemen

Beware of fraudulent lawyers and false Patriots!
As most of you have heard, SDMM still has not been paid the almost $100,000 in damages we were awarded in a settlement with Caltrans in early August for their blatant and 18-month long discrimination and suppression of free speech against our political activist group.  Howard Kaloogian and his partner Bob Fuselier refuse to give us our money 7 weeks after they received our check from the state (see below).  They admit they cashed this check without our endorsement (forgery).  Then they say they took out the $60,000 that SDMM owed them for legal fees, and now are pocketing our portion too – about $97,000.  And they have no legal authority to do so.  SDMM was forced to file criminal Grand Theft charges on Kaloogian & Fuselier a couple weeks ago with the Carlsbad Police.  The case is still pending – the PD and the DA are waiting a few weeks to see if Kaloogian pays us before they charge them.  Even after that warning from LE, Kaloogian still has not filed any claim with the court and have not tried to contact us regarding their intentions or any claims they plan to make.  Our fear is our money may have already been spent by their lawfirm.
$157,500 of your tax money pocketed by Howard Kaloogian.
Attorneys we have spoken with all agree that what they are doing is NOT legal and definitely not ethical. 
Here is the local media coverage of Howard Kaloogian's outrageous actions.
San Diego Examiner:
Our Press Release is posted here:
North County Times coverage of the story: 
Kaloogian has returned to politics this past year and is linked to several new GOP activist groups in California.  We don't know how or if that has anything to do with denying award money to our grass roots volunteer group that exposes and fights corruption in both parties, but the timing sure is suspicious.  We still hope Kaloogian & Fuselier will do the right thing without SDMM having to take expensive, time-consuming legal action to get our funds, but right now it doesn't look promising.  Meanwhile, the enemies of America are on the march to take our country.
Former State Assemblyman and political operative Howard Kaloogian.
If anyone knows any GOOD lawyers who would like to help us in this fight continuing fight for justice, let me know.

Jeff Schwilk, Founder

Contact Info for Kaloogian & Fuselier

Friday, December 18, 2009 8:34 PM


Howard Kaloogian doesn't care that our grassroots non-profit political activist group is pennyless this Christmas Season since he and his partner illegally pocketed our entire $157,500 settlement from the Caltrans settlement in October.
There are so many good groups, projects, and candidates we had wanted to help with our lawsuit award at this crucial time when our country and our Constitution is under attack on all fronts here at home.  This money was for our entire cause (borders, tea parties, freedom) since SDMM operates on a shoe string budget.
Many of you have asked what you can do to help us.  Lawyers assisting us say the best thing we can do is expose their deeds and pressure them to come clean.  Please call or send them an email letting them know what you think about their bold embezzlement of our money.  Be as civil as you can.  Angry hate mail is probably not helpful.
Howard Kaloogian    760-519-2393
Bob Fuselier   760-522-1802
Yes, we are filing a complaint with the state bar.  That is a must and the state can force them to pay us or revoke their licenses.  Will the state do that is a whole nother question considering who our AG is.



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