Bend Over, Here It Comes Again………

I just received the message below from the San Diego Minutemen-C1

Our Congress has been infiltrated with foreign agents(see below)

Today, Dec. 16 is the anniversary of the original Boston Tea Party!  Its time for another Tea Party Revolution to rid Washington of our current batch of traitors!


Aztlan Surrender Act of 2009
Eighty-seven Sign On to Amnesty Bill

American Patrol Report — December 16

Rep. Luis Gutierrez introduces his bill to end U.S. sovereignty.

    A bill [view here – pdf] that prohibits the United States of America from using its military to protect its borders, ties the hands of U.S. Border Patrol by imposing severe border environmental rules, and forces Customs and Border Protection to treat invaders as honored guests, is supported by at least 87 members of the U.S. House of Representatives.
    The bill also grants amnesty to anyone who got across the border before December 15, 2009, the date it was introduced, and prohibits local police from enforcing immigration laws.
    Besides the 87 co-sponsors, the bill is also supported by Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Reid.
    Rep. Lamar Smith, a leading expert on immigration law, said, "This is the kind of legislation that foreign governments would promote, not the U.S. Congress."
    "I call this the Aztlan Surrender Act of 2009," said Glenn Spencer of the American Patrol Report. "The idea that so many members of Congress would openly advocate ending U.S. sovereignty should strike real fear in the hearts of all loyal Americans." Spencer said unless the invasion is halted, and reversed, in ten years the co-sponsors list could exceed 200 and such a bill would pass, putting to an end to the U.S. as a sovereign nation.
Rep. Luis Gutierrez, Top Mexican Agent in Washington

D.A. King — Marietta (Ga.) Daily Journal     
Obama to American Workers: Drop dead!!!   
Yesterday Congressman Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) introduced legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives to reward the hordes of illegal aliens who made it past our Border Patrol Agents with legalization, jobs, public benefits and eventually the right to vote as citizens…
end of message

Meanwhile, stalwart Citizen Patriots are doing work on the border…...
Those of us who have watched and worked the top of hill 241 in the Campo area for years now have noticed the recent improvements from below and on the summit. The Border Patrol agents in charge of tactical infrastructure have cleared our side of the hill so the illegal invaders will have less places to hide and have created a road to the top  for the scope trucks.  Bravo 2 and Green Hornet recently did a flyover in a Patriot Point Posse Piloted Plane so that we can see the improvements from the air.  Below is the note and pic from Bravo 2:

"Got a chance To See It From The Air Today,
This Hill Top Has Been A Hotly Contested Piece of Rock between Smugglers and Border Patrol Agents Who Played a Cat and Mouse Game that is Changing in Favor of the "Good Guys".
Looks Like a lot More Work to be Done.
Fine Flyin' GreenHornet ,as Always,

Ever Vigilant, FN9 has been out making the illegals lives difficult.  Below is FN9's after action report of 9DEC09:

"This afternoon, approx 1230, I spontaneously decided to check out some of the very active trails adjacent to my home base.  Specifically, to see if there was any new sign after the recent monsoons.  I meandered my way around and saw ALOT of pre-rain sign.  As I made my way down into one of the many ravines, I noticed very recent activity—a clean, dry jacket, fresh water bottles and a spot of flattened grass between thick bushes, where someone had obviously sat.  It had a perfect view, being on higher ground, of a section of the 94.  I was still deep in a ravine and continued to follow it.  As I rounded a bend,, I spotted some obviously "lost" travelers crouched down (8 males & 1 female).   I was approx 20 ft from them.  They started to get up and I calmly told them "ALTO, it's OK".  Armed with only my cell phone (I'll take my scolding later), I calmly told them to wait and dialed BP.  They seemed unsure as to who I was….maybe their pickup.  They sat  and waited while I spoke to BP.  Of course, there was not a single BP in sight.  One of the group ( the coyote) slipped away then returned.  I had heard shouting from Cap Rock and assumed he was communicating with the spotter and/or stashing something.  Still no sign of BP.  I attempted to engage them in conversation while they, no doubt, tried to figure out who the hell I was. They were beginning to figure out that they didn't HAVE to sit and wait and started to slip up the ravine bank then all broke into a run.  I called BP again and asked where they were , then I proceeded chase after them.  With me hot on their heels, they continued to run , I assume toward the hole in the fence from wence they came .  About that time a chopper appeared and I pointed to where the group had gone.  Soon thereafter about half a dozen vehicles pulled up to the 94 with agents pouring out of them.  I had ID'd the coyote for them.  Pretty soon all 9 had been rounded up."

Duly scolded for working alone and without the trusty FNP9, and appropriately commended for giving them hell and doing good work, FN9 continues to be a force on the border.
Good job to all the brave citizens who spend their own time and money trying to keep the homeland secure!
What have you done for your country lately?
Merry Christmas and Semper Vigilans!

 P.S. wholeheartedly endorses the organizations below.  Please click on the links and give what you can to those less fortunate this holiday season and always:
Marine Corps Toys for Tots Foundation
Cell Phones For Soldiers
The Salvation Army
And the sites below have great Christmas gifts!


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