December 2009

Patrol Inspector Doyne C. Melton– December 7, 1933
Senior Patrol Inspector James G. Burns– December 8, 1968
Patrol Agent in Charge Michael W. Barnes– December 12, 1996
Patrol Inspector Frank N. Clark– December 13, 1924
Patrol Inspector Franklin P. Wood– December 15, 1927
Patrol Agent James P. Epling– December 16, 2003
Patrol Inspector Richard D. Clark– December 18, 1950
Senior Patrol Agent George B. DeBates– December 19, 2004
Patrol Inspector Robert H. Lobdell– December 25, 1928
Patrol Inspector Bert G. Walthall– December 27, 1933
Patrol Inspector George E. Pringle– December 28, 1940

Monetary contributions can be sent here:

Cabrillo Credit Union

10075 Carroll Canyon Rd.

Suite 200

San Diego, California 92131

C/O Border Patrol Fallen Officer’s Scholarship Fund


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