Thanksgiving Border update 25-27NOV09

Wednesday 25NOV09

0730- Hot Shot and left the C1 compound and arrived at Camp Vigilance at 1030.  After performing various routine maintenance tasks on Godzilla we left Camp and headed to Campo.

1200- Checked in with Border Patrol on the line by Patriot Point and headed west.

1240- Bell Valley- Heavy concentration of BP agents.  We stopped in the shade of Bell Valley for a while before continuing west.

1335- 14 Horseshoe area.

Pleased to find that my new T-mobile pay-as–you-go cell phone has a great signal there.  Planted a trail cam in the area on a heavily traveled trail.

Then rolled back east.

1500- Left border area and headed back to camp for a catnap

1840- Entered the border area at Red Shank after checking in with BP.  Rolled west.

2030- Hiked in on foot to a favorite spot in the Couch trail area.  Detected no activity and hiked out at 2330.  Left the border area.


0030-Went to bed, slept until 0815!

1000-Left camp and headed to Horsepuckie’s.

Attempted to assist Horsepuckies in the installation of the serpentine belt on his truck.  Determined a pulley was broken and succeeded only in making this determination and further aggravating Horsepuckie’s war wounds.  Mrs. Horsepuckies made me a tasty turkey sandwich, which Hot Shot and I enjoyed later at the 147. Thank ya, Ma’am!

1445- While sitting at the 147 (Kingfish’s position-he was not there) Viking arrived at the 141

1500- Headed back to camp to gear up for the night.

1650- Entered the border area at Red Shank after checking in with BP.  Got an unexpected radio call from G1.  Earlier he had indicated he would be unable to make it to the border over the holiday, yet he was on the border, and in my area nonetheless.  We met at the site of Agent Robert Rosas' murder where G1 delivered to me a Thanksgiving feast with all the trimmings!  He and his brother had driven and hour and a half to the border for the sole purpose of transferring the turkey day feast to Hot Shot and I!  Yet another thing to be thankful for and G1 definitely went above and beyond the call of duty.  Thanks G1.

I later rendezvoused with Viking and FN9 at the grassy knoll to share my unexpected feast with the other two Patriots on the line on this, my fourth Thanksgiving watching the border. Heavily laden with gravy and functioning under the influence of tryptophan. I left the line at 2100 and retired in the back of Godzilla at 2200.

Friday 26NOV09

0330- Woke up and geared up.

0420- Hiked in to a favorite spot near the tank trap.  From time to time I heard voices but detected no visible activity.

0630-  Hiked back out to my truck and was joined by two BP agents would had been on foot in the area all night as well, hence the voices I heard.

Rolled west.

0705- Set up for a short while above the tunnel.

Detected no activity. Rolled west.

0745- West of Bell Valley.  Retrieved trail cam.  Had no activity on it, save birds and butterflys.

From my highpoint I observed BP rolling fast into Bell Valley where two intruders were captured around 0830.

Rolled east at 0930.

1020- Grassy Knoll.  Received a call from an organization that assists United States Marines in transportation from airports to base. Headed home at 1200.

 As I write this I am on standby to transport Marines to MCAGCC.

I realize this report was much ado about nothing.  I am pleased to report that the BP agents in the area close to the area where Agent Rosas’s was murdered are still doubled up, despite reports to the contrary.  Agents in other area are not so lucky.  But the entire area is still pretty much locked down, as it should be.  This is yet another thing to be thankful for and the men and women of the United States Border Patrol are doing a hell of a job.

As I left, civilian men and women from other border watch groups were filtering into the area.

In December I will likely not be in the Campo area.  I will devote the first weekend of December to training and then will likely operate on the border in states east of California.  I will take my dog and laptop and update from the road.

What will you do?

Semper Vi,


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