Border Update 6-8NOV09

Friday 6NOV09


0915- Golden Acorn Casino

0930- This close to Veteran’s day I felt it appropriate to stop by John Finn’s house to thank this 100 year old, oldest living Congressional Medal of Honor winner, for his service to our country.  As usual I was welcomed into the man’s living room and regaled with tales from his life.

He is constantly barraged with invitations of all sorts, especially around Veteran’s day, Memorial day and December 7th.  This year the United States Marine Corps is flying him 1st class to Philadelphia to celebrate the birthday of the Corps at Tun Tavern. 

I was honored to visit with this National Treasure for about an hour and a half and, as always, hated to leave.

1115- Camp Vigilance. Spoke with U.S. Evolutions on the phone and also with 36.  Set up a time to procure a Thermal scope from U.S. Evo.

1245- Entered the border road at Red Shank, near Tierra Del Sol, California and, after checking in with the Border Patrol, headed west.

1315- Passed below Kingfish’s position at the 147 and gave him a courtesy call. Proceeded west on through Smith and La Gloria canyons.

At the Grassy Knoll I was greeted by an amazing sight.  At first I saw a dog, then noticed someone dressed in black sitting on the knoll facing south.  I pulled up to see what was going on and, to my surprise was greeted by two dogs and the smiling face of a very beautiful woman.  I asked if she was all right and she said yes, that she was a local and came there frequently to walk the dogs.  I told her I had been coming to the area regularly for almost four years and had never seen her before. Later, as I recounted the story to Horsepuckies, he told me that the woman was a liar because there was only one beautiful woman who lived there locally and he married her!

I pressed on west to the Couch Trail to investigate reports that a lone woman had set up camp there.  Indeed there was a woman there, apparently a veteran border watcher from Arizona.

I expressed my concern for her safety, which she promptly dismissed with a wave of a modified, non-California compliant M1 carbine.  I also told her that while she was likely a deterrent, she was fouling up Border Patrol and Independent Border Operators operations alike.  Border Patrol had to keep an eye on her and we couldn’t operate the way we usually do with her there.  She was dead set on staying and did so until Sunday, when she headed back home.  As 36 said, “At least she wasn’t home watchin’ Opera Winfrey.” I guess we all do what we can. Despite the fact that her presence wasn't exactly welcomed, she was indeed doing more than the majority of Americans.

1430- Border Road across from Zuellners High Point.  A group of eight had just crossed and had been apprehended and taken away by the Border Patrol.

1500- Bell Valley

1530- Tecate

1645- Back at the 127 Turnout.  Put on long johns and multiple shirts, in preparation for a trip up the 241. Three BP agents beat me to it. I head for the 239

2000- Left the 239 after detecting no activity. Rolled west.

2010-Grassy Knoll

2115-Leave Border area

2200 Camp V

Saturday 8NOV09

0700- Leave Camp V and head for El Cajon Harley to visit with the Explorer Scouts, Agents and Riders of the 7th annual Border Patrol Fallen Agents Scholarship ride and poker run.

Saw a lot of nice bikes and visited with some old friends.

  I had originally planned on riding in the event but would’ve had to leave Hot Shot at home, and he loves going to the border.

He saw some old friends too.

You don’t have to ride to help the families of fallen Border Patrol agents. Nor do you have to wait until November of each year.  Monetary contributions can be sent here:

Cabrillo Credit Union

10075 Carroll Canyon Rd.

Suite 200

San Diego, California 92131

C/O Border Patrol Fallen Officer’s Scholarship Fund


By 1045 I was at an operations base for U.S. Evolutions.  There I was treated to a high tech demonstration of border monitoring gear.  What I saw I cannot talk about but suffice it to say it was both amazing and formidable.  I look forward to spending more time learning how to operate said equipment, and hope that DHS will consider getting it in service on the border soon.

Then U.S. Evo loaned me the portable Thermal Eye and I headed back to the border where Golf 1 and newcomer Red Rum were set up west of Bell Valley.

We alternated between static positions and rolling patrols.

We detected no activity but found plenty of evidence of recent entry.

1430- Roll east

1530- Grassy Knoll.  Red Rum was on his first trip to the border and had to head back home. G1 went into town for supplies and I headed back to the 127 turnout to prep for a trip up the 241.

1730-G1, Hot Shot and I head up the 241.  The area by the monument has all been plowed under.  The terrain up top has changed drastically and while the road up is graded nicely it seems to be even steeper than before. We were joined for a while by three BP agents

2000- We descended the 241 having detected no activity. G1 patrolled the border road east and I cut the G road east until we met at the PCT.  Then when proceeded east through La Gloria and Smith canyons and stopped to see the Robert Rosas Memorial at night.

We ended up at Red Shank and while we geared down we visited with a former Marine who had gone on to become a Border Patrol Agent

2340- Left the border area and headed back to Camp V.

Sunday 8NOV09

0010-Hot Shot and I hit the sack

Sunday morning we returned the Thermal unit and visited with 36.  The leaves are changing and the weather was beautiful.  I had a hard time forcing myself to go home.  I stopped by the border on the way out to verify that the Couch Camper had indeed left the area.

While we detected no intruders it was learned that a group came through Smith sometime after we passed through and was captured by BP.  This trip was more about recon and public relations than detection or deterrence.  My posts in the future may be more vague and, indeed, I have left out many interesting facts gleaned from this trip, though I have passed them on to patriots who will no doubt use the info to “do work” on the line in the future.

As I write this, Veteran’s Day is drawing to a close.  Fireworks are even now bursting in the air and many grateful Americans are thanking our country’s men and women of the military for the freedoms we enjoy.

What will you do to insure our nation’s freedom? Will you mill around like sheep or will you take and active part in protecting and defending the Constitution. As you read this enemies within and without are working tirelessly to reduce the United States to third world status. Will you stand idly by?

I hope to join up with you someday on a dusty border road. Until then, Stay Vigilant.

Semper Vi,



Illegal Alien Shot by Border Bandits Near Tecate


Tecate, Calif. – A 32-year-old male Mexican National was shot by suspected Border Bandits in an area just north of the United States/Mexico internal boundary near Tecate, California.


At approximately 11:30 a.m., a group of suspected illegal aliens crossed the border into the United States.  Three men, posing as immigrants within the group, waited until they were in a remote area before attempting to rob the rest of the group at gun point.  During this incident one of the undocumented immigrants was shot in his left calf. 


U.S. Border Patrol Agents observing sensor activation in that area with binoculars witnessed the bandits and the remaining members of the group run back into Mexico.  The victim and his wife were both left at the location of the shooting. 


Agents treated the victim until California Fire responded, rendering additional aid.  The victim was transported to a nearby hospital.       


U.S. Border Patrol is working with its counterparts across the border to assist in the investigation.



– CBP –


U.S. Customs and Border Protection is the unified border agency within the Department of Homeland Security charged with the management, control and protection of our nation's borders at and between the official ports of entry.  CBP is charged with keeping terrorists and terrorist weapons out of the country while enforcing hundreds of U.S. laws.


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  1. J J

    Thanks for YOUR service C-1 ! You and the others "on the line" are appreciated by the ones who don't live close enough to go all the time, like me. I did work at a free car wash for veterans on Vet Day, though. I shook the hands of every one of them and chatted as much as time would allow. We were averaging close to 70 cars per hour. One old Marine had been on Iwo Jima! He was still bright eyed and alert. I think he was 86 years old! A very rewarding day for me, and the Vets couldn't thank us enough. Three different restaurants in town gave free meals to Vets also!J J

    November 13, 2009 at 22:42

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