Border Update 16-18OCT09

On October 16, 1956 Border Patrol Inspector John A. Rector died

1420- Departed the C1 compound.

1650- Arrived at Camp Vigilance. Visited briefly with FN9 who was just leaving camp. Then I made several phone calls to fellow Patriots. Worked on Godzilla and geared up for night work. Then went to visit Horsepuckies and on to visit with 36 who was just leaving the Grassy Knoll. It was 2045 before I began to work the border. 

 By 0900 Hot Shot and I were hiking into the bushes to view the Couch Trail/Tank Trap Area. Armed with a relatively decent night vision device (Gen2+ with a 5x magnifier) and a fair amount of starlight, I was able to view the area fairly well.  FN9 was at the Donut Hole and we both were hearing voices emanating quite loudly from behind in the fence in the Couch Trap area.  They were so loud at times I though maybe it was a radio.  As the evening wore on I observed one spotter, then two, rise above the fence.  They appeared to be motioning and at first it almost looked like they were signaling to the north.  Having been warned by a very respected watch advisor to watch my back for illegals going south to pick up loads of dope, I scanned the area to by north in case the spotter was waving someone in behind me.  About 2200 I observed a head pop up over the fence to the west of where the two spotters still stood.  One man went over then another and another.  After counting five bodies along with homemade ladder/road bridges come over the fence I ducked behind a rock to call it in.  I carry two cell phones on two different providers with me.  One is a Boost Mobile pay-as-you-go, which, when I tried to make the call, I unfortunately found that had neglected to add minutes to it.  It was empty. As I grabbed the other phone I heard diesels coming from all directions and all of a sudden the area was filled with BP agents!  Apparently they had the area scoped and had also seen what I had witnessed.  I joined in the search through the bushes and met the agents over on the secondary road north of the couch where they had six illegals hooked up.

Then an agent discovered that one or more of the spotters had come over while the agents where searching, retrieved their makeshift ladders and rocked the BP truck pretty badly.


Hot Shot and I stayed out of the way while the agents, and there was at least a half a dozen of them, searched and stowed the illegals.  When they wrapped up and the vehicle transporting the group had departed I asked the remaining agents where the scope truck had been hidden.  They said, “We don’t know!  We were just discussing that.” 

Wherever it was, it was hidden well and orchestrated a site to behold.  I wish I could say I had a part in the apprehension but I was a mere witness.  However, had the scope truck not been in the area I would’ve made the call.  Either way that group was not getting’ through. The spotters continued to taunt me as Hot Shot and I made our way back through the bushes to our gear.

0020 Two Tecate PD vehicles come north on the Ranchita road and turn east on the Pemex.  They headed down to about the Point then turned around.  Officers searched the area where on foot with flashlights where the group and spotters had been.  Then they got back in their vehicles and drove right up in the Tank trap area in Mexico and resumed searching on foot.  They were joined on the north by BP agents on ATVs.  One of the ATV agents was talking to a Tecate PD officer through the fence.  FN9 drove up on them about that time and learned that BP had called Tecate PD in hopes they would catch the bastards that came over the fence while the agents were searching for the group and vandalized the BP truck.  It was later learned that the suspects were caught.  What happened to them I do not know.

While this was going on I was at the Couch platform with Knucklehead. He and Dallas, both fellow Texans, had flown into to San Diego to come to the border to do work.  Knucklehead had been to the area once last year but it was Dallas’s first trip.  Both brought very special toys with them.  I was able to watch some of the action in the Tank Trap area though one of these: Knucklehead’s L3 Thermal Eye X50.  I was amazed at the clarity of this pocket-sized unit.  They also make the same sized units with built in cameras. I plan on getting’ me one just as soon as I find that backpack full of money in the bushes………

Later that evening, and several times throughout this trip I was also able to use Dallas’s L3 PVS-15 Gen 3 Night Vision binoculars.  Man, they were incredible and just about ruined me for using my old Gen 2+ unit.

I left the area at 0115 and arrived back at Camp V about 0145

0600-up and back at it

0645- Entered the border area at Red Shank in Tierra Del Sol and, after checking in with BP, headed west.

0715-Stopped and paid my respects at the Cross  marking the spot where Agent Robert Rosas was brutally executed.

0810- I was back on the border road just east of the Point and stopped to speak with an Agent who informed me that there was still a group of at least four behind the fence in the Couch Trail area.

0815-I decided to hike back into the bushes and observe.

0900- I pulled out of my layup when Golf 1 arrived at the Couch and met him there to give him a sitrep and update.

1015- G1 deploys to clandestine location on foot and Hot Shot and I ascend the 241, after notifying BP. We swept the area to the south and found no one and nothing but the usual detritus left by previous invaders.

At some point G1 left his layup and patrolled in his truck to the grassy knoll.  There, while observing to the east he saw a man jump the fence just east of the Oaks and then loiter on the border road as if to look for something.  An Agent rolled up to G1 about that time and asked if he had seen anything.  G1 pointed east and the Agent headed off toward the single intruder, who hit the fence in Olympic style and fled back into Mexico.

1320-Descended the 241 after observing no activity.  G1 and I make our way to the west side of Bell Valley to an area where he and Red Army had observed horse smuggling a couple of weeks prior.  We observe little activity below other that a few vehicles moving in and out of the area in Mexico.

1545- We depart and head back east. By the bridge at the creek bed in Bell Valley we watched a white car moving slowly down the border road in Mexico and then observe a man straddling the borderline taking a nap!

I spoke with him for a minute and experimented with a new, cheap video camera I have.  It doesn't work so good on zoom as you will see in the video below:

At the tunnel we encounter Wildcard, Dallas Knucklehead and Big Bob.  Big Bob was taking them on a tour and wanted them to see the tunnel.  Upon returning from inside the tunnel Big Bob experienced truck trouble and, after all of us were unable to ascertain the problem, other than it seemed fuel related, I called a local mechanic who is sympathetic to our cause and he was there in a matter of  minutes.  He towed Big Bob back to his place and repaired the vehicle.

G1 had gone on east while I stayed with Big Bob as Red Army’s wife had brought him to the area and they were waiting at the Couch. Later Red Army told me that an agent had rolled up on them and said a “citizen” had called them in as suspicious.  Red Army’s wife left the area and he a G1 began patrol. BP had retrieved part of an aluminum extension ladder used by the intruders and asked G1 and Red Army to help them out by transporting the evidence back to Forrest Gate BP station which, of course, they cheerfully did.

1730- Hot Shot and I resume our watch from atop 241.  Knucklehead, who had been up there once before on his last visit brought Dallas up for a look see.  We swept the area to the south then hung around the rocks, taking turns looking through Dallas’s PVS-15.  We observed no activity and the three of us descend at 1900. Wildcard, Knucklehead and Dallas headed into Campo for a break at the Circle K.

With FN9 at the Donut, me at the Point and G1 and Red Army in the middle we had the area covered as best the four of us could, which apparently wasn’t quite good enough.  FN9 noted on the radio that agents were moving behind and to the north in vehicles and flashlights were seen north of the G Road, north of the Tank Trap.  I reminded G1 and Red Army to watch their backs even though they were dug in pretty good. I would later find out from a passing Agent that nine illegals had crossed at almost the same spot as the night before!  Seven were caught by BP down by the 94.  Two had TBSed and were making their way back towards Mexico on a course that would’ve led them in close proximity to Red Army and G1’s position.  The flashlights FN9 had observed were the Agents in pursuit of the two TBSers, which they eventually apprehended.

During these events Wildcard, Knucklehead and Dallas had returned and joined FN9 at the Donut Hole.


On October 18, 1967 Senior Patrol Inspector Elgar B. Holiday died

0000- G1, Red Army and I call it a night while Knucklehead, Dallas, Wildcard and FN9 remain on duty.   After gearing down, G1 and Red Army head home and I head back to Godzilla where I arrived and turned in about 0100.

I departed the area the next morning about 0700.

Our area appears to be getting active again and I am already chompin’ at the bit to return and assist the brave men and women of the United States Border Patrol in securing our southern frontier.  I’d be there more if I could, but will continue my commitment, as I have for over three years now, to at least one weekend a month in service to my country on the border.  I urge you to join us.  Your country needs you now more than ever.  With the enemy within pushing for amnesty these illegal incursion will only increase.  What are YOU going to do about it?

Semper Vigilans,


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