San Diego Minutemen doin’ work!

I received this report from the San Diego Minutemen who gave me permission to reprint
Good Job! -C1


SDMM again catches field prostitution in the migrant camps on a Saturday afternoon, in broad daylight! 

McGonigle Canyon west of the 56 Freeway.  Yellow pins are previous migrant/squatter camp sites. 
Local neighbors above the canyon (1/4 mile east of the new rape grove above) told us last night that
they have seen a lot of people going in and out of the canyon and have complained to SDPD but that nothing
ever gets done about it.  Some of the "Johns" apparently park in the cul-de-sac and walk down to the field brothel
once or twice per week.


SDMM Canyon Watch was patrolling McGonigle Canyon yesterday afternoon when we observed a large number of well-dressed Latino men and boys going into and out of a large eucalyptus tree grove around 3pm, about 200 yards west of the old "rape grove" in the heart of McGonigle Canyon next to the tomato fields (see map below).  We observed this activity for about 45 minutes with over a dozen men coming and going by foot.  Our local media contact joined us, and as we moved in to get a closer look at what was happening inside the tree grove, about 8 men and two young women took off running in different directions.  We followed one man and woman who ran down the road together.  They were observed running from the area of her makeshift sex den in the grove.  The man is suspected to be her pimp.  As we followed them, they eventually got tired and sat down by the road as we waited for SDPD to arrive.  They arrived a few minutes later and took the man and woman into custody.  No word yet if they have been charged with any crimes.  The man is suspected of being illegal alien.  The woman is probably here illegally, but she told us she was from Acapulco and had been her 17 years.  She claimed to be 29.
Field prostitute and her suspected pimp:
We noted the paths through the brush leading into the prostitution area were very well worn and the "lounge" are well-cleared of brush.  It appears that prostitution has been going on in this area regularly for many months.  SDPD (Northwest Division) has told us repeatedly that their "migrant liaison officers" (Officer Juan Munoz and Sgt. Boris Martinez) patrol the canyon weekly for illegal migrant camps and signs of criminal activity.  They obviously are not doing a good job since girls are being brought in regularly to service the migrants and the local "Latino Community".
Video and local news coverage coming soon.  
  SDMM exposed the daytime prostitution in old rape grove 3 years ago and it was closed down soon after that
when it was also revealed that SDPD knew about the ongoing prostitution and did nothing to stop it.  Some of
the trafficked girls brought in to service the migrants were as young as 13 years old.  They were sex slave
girls from Mexico.
Please watch this Ch. 4 News Story from Oct 2006 which showed clear video evidence of prostitution at the old "rape grove".
San Diego has long been a Super Sanctuary City that not only does not enforce laws against illegal aliens, but goes
out of their way to PROTECT the migrants living and having sex illegally in the canyons near suburban
neighborhoods.  Its been going on for 25 years.  Not to mention the daily illegal camp fires they have during severe
fire conditions.
San Diego's "Dirty Little Secret" continues in 2009, years after it was exposed to San Diego and the world.  Enrique Morones still brags publicly about visiting the illegal aliens in McGonigle Canyon on one or two Saturdays per month.  Maybe he's doing more than just delivering them food and water….
This admitted prostitute claimed to be divorced with 4 children.  She said she has been
coming to this field brothel for a long time.  She told the news cameraman she is
"almost legal" and this may hurt her chances of becoming legal.  Ya think?
The photo journalist got a lot of good interview footage with her while waiting for
the police to arrive
One of two makeshift field brothels found in the Eucalyptus grove yesterday.  This one had
been used by the prostitute above for at least 2 hours before the media moved in and she ran
out of the grove with her suspected pimp.

Close up inside a field sex den.  Condoms, lube, tissue.  Jeans and a shirt she wore to get

to the field brothel and then changed into her black dress "working" outfit.

Lounge area in the grove where the "Johns" wait for their turn with the prostitutes.
The prostitutes charge $30 for sex.


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One response

  1. Its likely there is going to be a nasty battle
    over comprehensive immigration reform? My thought is that instead of
    from scratch, like the open border insane society is demanding we
    should fabricate
    amendments into the 1986 Simpson Mazzoli bill. First and foremost the
    Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA), was full of loopholes. Its
    content was to legalize guest workers, whose labor was mostly spent in
    agriculture. The problem that once legalized, they vanished from the
    fields and
    orchards, taking jobs on Main
    Street, stealing jobs from Americans. The
    of illegal aliens escalated, because the perforated borders and limited
    patrol agents led to floods of more foreign nationals skirting our

    Farmers, agriculturists and businesses had to seek more workers once
    again, so
    the borders remained intentionally open thanks to Democrats and
    Republicans. So
    instead of the estimated 3.5 newcomers the actual figure was more like
    million, with more crossing the inept border incessantly. Most of the
    entrants lied about their period of residency and produced utility
    bills and
    other bogus documentation, including fraudulent affidavits. So the
    prior (INS)
    Immigration & Naturalization Service couldn't attempt to handle the
    overwhelming influx of illegal immigrants applying? Now President Osama
    and his
    Democratic happy faces want to swamp us yet again, with an estimated 20
    illegal immigrants already squatting here? Even today the doors remain
    wide open, because the political parties under funded the real border
    originally drafted by Rep. Duncan Hunter of California. His short 50 mile fence
    in San Diego, California
    is double tiered, with a no-mans-land between for border patrol
    vehicles to
    make their inspection tours.

    The fence that crosses America
    is–ONE STRAND BARRIER–and in many places doesn't exist at all, except
    ailing cameras, sensors and other vehicle barriers? Now if the powers
    in Washington
    had any
    brains, they could amend the (IRCA) law? First is agriculture that
    wants Guest
    Workers to pick fruit and vegetables, they must be issued a special
    limited to a specific time. They cannot work outside that boundary and
    return to their country of residence after the document expires. If
    they want
    at some point in time to qualify for permanent legal status, they must
    like all new immigrants through their embassy. There fingerprints and
    data should be recorded just in case they disappear from the workplace
    placed on an arrest list by ICE.

    Other amendment to the (IRCA) law can be added, but the majority of
    opinion demands no path to citizenship or BLANKET AMNESTY. Leave America
    and apply for an immigration entry visa like honest potential
    immigrants have
    for years? If you live in America
    previously without THE PEOPLES PERMISSION, you will be subject to
    fines, but
    not necessarily exempt from an entrance visa. Criminal aliens and
    obviously must remain–persona none gratis. A points system must be
    similar to countries in Europe and even Australia. Points are
    observed for
    special highly skilled individuals, specialty engineers, scientists and
    computer specialists and other equally outstanding credentialed labor that has no equal in our nation.

    The deterrent for smuggling yourself and family members into a
    sovereign country,
    with no longer is a civil offense. Every business within the
    jurisdiction of
    these United States
    and its territories and islands will be instructed to install E-Verify
    permanently. A mandatory directive will include criminal penalties for
    operating the E-Verification application in all employment. No working
    shall be exempt including those who have been on payroll for twenty
    years or
    more. New immigrants cannot access any welfare or government subsidies,
    under emergency status. A new stage 2 E-Verify modified to check the
    right to health care, drivers licenses, car insurance, real estate
    home purchase. E-Verify could also be adapted to vet a persons voting
    status in
    coming elections to halt violations of the law. Within the local Social
    Security administration those who have remained in limbo, can be
    verified for
    any number of irregularities.

    In time as E-Verify and its innovations are upgraded, with biometric
    and photo
    recognition improvements, the system will certainly pay for itself.
    Chances are
    in the coming months rogue politicians whose immigration grading can be
    on NUMBERSUSA, will try to weaken or drop E-Verify for the favors they
    owe the
    US Chamber of Commerce and the nausating special interest groups? Just as they are accomplishing breaking down
    287 G,
    police immigration questioning. ICE raids and other enforcement tools.
    As I
    have said before this is all about ECONOMICS. ITS about deteriorating
    infrastructure, its about the Census bureau stating that in the year 2050, the nation's population is projected to
    by nearly 130 million people — the equivalent of adding another four
    the size of California. Understand about this physical nightmare at
    conclusion, there is much more information about the corruption in our
    political parties; not just immigration at the JUDICIAL WATCH site.

    A mandated law must be authored that renegade businesses who employ
    illegal entrants, must be held accountable for the huge bills that
    hospitals and taxpayers get stuck with?

    PAY ATTENTION to the fact that the present Governor of California, Arnold

    is currently endorsing San Francisco's–Sanctuary
    City–Liberal/Socialist Mayor Gavin Newsom for the new Governor of the
    State. This would be an absolute atrocity to the legal communities,
    when Newsom allowed ID for illegal aliens and refused to put young
    illegal immigrant gang members in the hands of ICE? Indirectly the
    sanctuary policy that was indifferent to Federal law, was an accessory in the June 22 slaying's of Anthony Bologna and his sons Michael and Matthew.
    There is already a mayor in Los Angeles who supports the illegal
    immigrant invasion, so you definitely don't want Gavin Newsom giving
    bogus identification or welcoming millions more illegal families to
    extract subsidies from the already cash-strapped Californians.


    October 5, 2009 at 13:19

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