Guest Blogger- The Red Army Report

I received the AAR from Red Army.  He and Golf 1 were doin' work out on the border this weekend.  Good Job boys!- C1

To: Headquarters, Red Banner Southern Front Command
From: Political Department, San Diego Sector of Operations
Re: Operations in the Tecate Sector of the Front
Comrades Golf 1 and Red Army departed for the front late in morning, arriving in the sector of operations at approximately 1200 HRS.
Of immediate note was the noticeable increase of NKVD Border Guards. Making immediate contact with one, and having informed him that the two were comrades come to serve and defend the border and security of our Motherland, the two intrepid comrades proceeded to the Couch Trail where they geared up. It must also be noted that ALL of the NKVD Border Troops encountered that day were extremely cordial, helpful, and appreciative of the help.
The two comrades patrolled west toward a high observation point overlooking the eastern outskirts of Tecate. While in position there, Golf 1 was nearly attacked by a dangerous resident of areas of high illegal traffic- the dreaded Senor Cacca!

COMRADES, please be advised that his particular fiend lives in the rocks overlooking the end of the security fence to the west of Bell Valley. Lurking amid the crags of granite, it will attack the unwary patriot!
Having narrowly dodged Senor Cacca, the two comrades then searched the area. An enormous amount of sign was present, including the usual water bottles, tuna cans, discarded tooth brushes, and even a Sponge Bob backpack and fallen pair of plaid boxers next to it. Yes, comrades, that is just pretty 'effing wierd.

While hidden among the rocks, a lone horseman appeared heading eastbound along the border road.


This individual was hell bent on reaching the end of the border fence, alternately dragging, whipping, and even kicking his horse with such fury that the impact of the blows could be heard in the comrades' elevated position over 100 meters away with a breeze blowing. While it was against the two patriots' conscience to watch an animal such as this saddle horse being badly mistreated by its "owner" and remain silent about it, it was obvious that this man was hell bent on getting this horse around the fence and into Mexico. At this point a Ford SUV with horse trailer was spotted in Mexico on its way to rendezvous with this suspect.

Also at that time two border patrol agents arrived at the patriots' position. They then suggested making contact and the four patriots then proceeded down the hill. The horseman got off a quick cell phone call and the SUV and trailer then hid behind some trees in Mexico, about 200 meters from the fence.

What followed was a story about "looking for a lost horse" by the rider, a Mexican national. The agents let him go, only to find him and the same SUV hidden in mexico BOTH at the same location later that evening. After witnessing a second contact with these individuals in the exact same spot just after dark, an NKVD agent informed G1 and Red Army that they had helped break up horse rustling.

Yes, Comrades, horse rustling. In San Diego county in the 21st century, horse rustling. Drugs, weapons, human smuggling, violence, this border has it all in its glaring insecurity…and now added to the list, horse rustling.
While on station at the Couch Trail, a single battered sedan was spotted making a speedy drive out along the ranch roads from the Mustang House. After returning to the Mustang House, two loud and distinct gunshots were heard from that relative position.

The two patriots departed the line at about 2100 hrs and headed for the Acorn for dinner. There was a prime rib special that night, which produced a cut of medium well meat that was over two pounds in weight, two inches thick, and stretched from one side of the plate to the other. The sight of it was enough to put a vegan literally into apoplectic shock.
In the face of increasingly treasonous actions on behalf of failed state and national government, the citizen must remember that they are the ultimate bulwark that supports liberty in America, and stand forth and take right action in its cause. Step up in your community, school, and at the ballot box. Re-read the Constitution and Declaration and remind yourself, friends, and neighbors, of the sacred principles of liberty.
And if you can spare a Saturday, maybe stand true for America and draw a line in the sand against human smuggling, narco-cartels and poisonous cargo, and even…horse rustling.
Remember, citizen, if not you then who? If not now, then when?
End of Report.

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