Guest Blogger-Viking’s AAR

Last weekend 9/25-9/27 at the border.


I arrived later than I hoped on a Friday at around 4pm and dropped by Horsepuckie's to see who was there. I had estimated an arrival at 2pm or so but getting away from work took longer than I thought and then I ran into major traffic due to a accident at where the 805 met the 8 freeway. After finding no one at Horsepuckie’s I proceeded to Forrest Gate Rd and came across some BP trucks with doubled up agents for the most part with an occasional single person at times. I went up to Patriot Point and found Wildcard there. I got my weapons out and organized my truck hooking up my go light and informed others of my arrival. Boston mentioned that he was ascending the 241 and asked if he could get some coverage on the west side of the hill. I had planned on mostly going mobile and informed Boston that I could go over to the 127 for a while until I could get someone to relieve me. Not too much later C-1 radioed in that he was approaching and offered to take up position in the same general area. I then went back up to the point and saw Shorty & we BS’d for a bit and he hung out there for a bit. I then took a cruise east to see what was up at the Oaks as I had heard they had gotten 30 days to vacate. I got updated on that situation and took off farther east over to the 143 area and stayed there for almost an hour and then headed back west through La Gloria canyon and then back up to the point. Shorty had to run some errands so I decided to hang in there riding shotgun for Wildcard. We decided to alternate watching and then resting in our own vehicles and planned on staying there until the AM.


At about 3:30 Wildcard heard some voices speaking Spanish down near the fence. She called in the BP and about 10 min later a scope truck showed up there with us and we got to watch him at work. The area he concentrated on was near the area across from the grassy knoll and he pointed out likely hiding spots and no sooner than he mentioned it we saw this head popping up above the fence. Then we saw a couple more IA’s hunkered in behind the fence.  After making numerous sweeps of the surrounding area, by this time he was in communication with a couple more units back near the entrance of Forrest Gate Rd and others heading east from behind us on the border road. All during this time there were other units in behind the point and they were sweeping that area while we had our action up in front. Eventually when the other BP units had passed by and things settled down a bit he came back to the same area where the guy had popped up his head and shoulders leaning over the fence calling out to another IA on the other side of the vegetation between the border road and the secondary road. In a quick moment what appeared was a coyote attempting to TBS back over the fence. All this time the other units that had left the scene were called back in from their positions from out of view and the coyote had ducked back into the brush thinking he was safely hidden. As we watched, the agent in the scope truck guided a unit in from the west on the border road and he came right up across from where this guy was hiding out and got out and walked right up to where this guy was, drew down on him and took him into custody. It was awesome. Great job Wildcard!


The next day after the sun came up, it was starting to get hot already and me and Wildcard were sitting in the shade of my camper and enjoying the cool breeze that was whipping up. As the sun got higher, the shadows were getting smaller and changing positions and as I turned around to start watching in an easterly direction I was astonished to find a group of 9 IA’s calmly walking next to the fence near the road on the south side of the border fence near where the action happened the night before. As I was watching two BP trucks pulled up in opposite directions across from where these IA’s were. The way the fence dips up and down I wasn’t sure if they could see them from their trucks at the angle they were at. They both started to take off in opposite directions and I ran over to the edge of the wire fence at the edge of the point and yelled down to the agent and asked if he saw them. Luckily he had and he asked me to keep an eye on them and call in if they tried to cross. I watched them up until the time they passed out of view in a section that dropped below my line of sight. Later I was visited by another agent who said they had moved farther west towards 241. Boston and Springfield picked them up in sight and the last we saw of them they were headed around the far side of the 241. They all had black and dark blue clothing on and some had backpacks. I am pretty sure they tried and failed to cross. If they did I’m pretty confident they would get picked up by the BP. They are very motivated after agent Rosas' murder. I went mobile for most of Saturday and caught a few winks here and there. I was happy to see that they had relocated the sunshade from the end of 141 back over to the 140 plateau so I slept there for a few hours. I went over to the Campo Diner for one of their killer Chef Salads and then went back up to the point. Wildcard had left earlier in the day as she had put in a lot of hours the previous day and she needed a break. I took up position at Patriot Point and later Shorty showed up for a while and then went to a photo shoot that didn’t quite work out so around 9pm he showed back up at the Point. I was getting a little bushed and decided to head back to the ranch after a cruise East searching with the Go Light He took my place until later in the night. I crashed out in my truck and got some decent sleep and the next morning went with Horsepuckies and Shorty to get some breakfast and then headed home.  All in all a good weekend with a feeling of accomplishment that makes it all worthwhile.

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