Border Update 25-27SEP09

Friday 25SEP09

1200- Departed the C1 compound for what would be my third trip to the border in September.  With my trusty K9 riding shotgun we made it to Camp Vigilance by 1435.

I set about cleaning up my sleeping quarters in Godzilla and installed a shelf.

Then we prepped our gear and headed out to the line.

1630-Tecate, CA. 

Geared up, checked in with BP and headed east.

Met Shorty at the east base of Cap Rock and chatted for a while

Wildcard was at Patriot Point.

Merlin was at the Couch.

Viking was at the 127 watching Boston’s back who was on the 241

Boston found some interesting items up there:

Springfield was at the Donut Hole watching the Ranchita as well as Boston’s vehicle at the east base of the 241.  Viking wanted to go Mobile so I took over his watch in the 127 area.  I was soon joined by FN9. 

BP was still heavily concentrated in the area and I saw little illegal activity.

26SEP09-0000 I left the line and headed for Camp Vigilance

0845- Left camp V and did some sight seeing. As I had never driven west past Tecate on 94 I took off to explore.

At around 1100 I found a spot where one of our Heros had passed away.

On March 30, 2008 Agent Jarod Dittman died

You can help out the families of our fallen Agents by participating in this:

About 1200 I cruised around Otay Lakes

By 1245 I was back at Little Tecate Peak

1330 I set up for a while on the west side of Tecate.  As was the case all weekend BP was heavily concentrated wherever I went.  The east side of Tecate was no exception.

Then I left and went to visit my old friend 36.  We strummed a little guitar together and by 1530 I was back on the line.

Hot Shot and I climbed the 241 and stayed up there an hour or so until Boston and Springfield came up. 

Then I went down and relieved FN9 at the Donut hole.

She returned later in the evening and Hot Shot and I crept into a spot where I could watch the Tank Trap.  Everywhere I turned there was BP (this is a good thing and I am not complaining) and Boston, Springfield, Viking, Shorty, Merlin, FN9 and Viking remained in the area.  I must admit I lacked the energy and enthusiasm I usually have on this, my third weekend on the border in a month. I was drained. Around 2345 I left the line and hit the sack in the back of Godzilla shortly after midnight.

I left the area at 0800 27SEP09 and arrived back at the C1 compound a few hours later.

In October BPAUX and The Minuteman Corps of California will be having their 8th bi annual month long muster at Camp Vigilance.  If you have never been to the border October is a good time and the Camp is a great place to start. I know other organizations such as the Tecate Border Volunteers will also be working the line as a force multiplier for the brave men and women of the United States Border Patrol.

Now is the time to do SOMETHING for your country.  It is fast becoming unrecognizable.  If you are not part of the solution, part of preserving our precious constitution, then you, like our politicians on both sides of the isle, are part of the problem.

So which are you?

I’d rather be a vigilante than a negligente!

Semper Vigilans,


 The post below is a report from Tecate Border Volunteer Viking:  He got there before I did this weekend, stayed longer hours and saw more action. And below that is an important message for those of you living in Orange county, California.

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