Border update 11-13SEP09

EDIT 16SEP09-Portions of the report have been edited and some photos have been removed by request-C1
Friday 9/11
What better way to remember the act of war that happened on this day eight years ago than to take the day off and head for the border, to join like-minded Patriots in defense of our southern border.
I left the C1 compound at 0700 and headed for Brawley, CA where Hot Shot and I visited with an old family friend.  Then we headed to El Centro where we visited the grave of an American Hero who died defending this country, and it’s constitution.

1215-Camp Vigilance

Set up Camp in Godzilla and visited with BPAUX agents on hand.
1300- Headed to the Campo train station to visit with 36 while he performed volunteer duties.

1520-Back at Camp Vigilance to prep for night ops and have a little nap

1740- Left Camp V and headed to Potrero to meet up with elements of a local civilian border watch group .  While waiting for them to arrive I met up with 36 again and we reconned an area to just to the east.  While the illegal traffic in that area has diminished due to the new fence BP tell me there are still a few incursions there.
1850- The bulk of the group I was to deploy with is late and I head to the hilltop west of the new Tecate Port of Entry (POE) to gear up and watch the border while I wait.

2100- The rest of the group finally arrives and I set off in advance of the main body to set up in the east side of Bell Valley for the night, close to where the new fence abruptly ends.

0115- With no observed illegal activity and BP thick in the area the call is radioed to pull out.  We all meet up close to the 242 monument area and head east to Smith Canyon.
Hot Shot and I take up position on the east side of Smith canyon overlooking the border and the canyon rim to the west, where the fence ends.
Several take up position on the west side, while others set up at the bottom of Smith.

 Approximately 0400 or thereabouts a group of 10 or 11 illegals cross  where the border fence ends on the west side of Smith Canyon and stumble upon one of our teams.  They beat a hasty retreat back into Mexico and are not seen again.
0610- The teams pullout
0720- Back at Camp V where I eat and rest the majority of the day.  I regret that I did not make it to the La Post Café Memorial for Agent Rosas but many of our men did and report that the event was well attended.
1550- I leave Camp V to meet up with our men at the base of the towers-The entry to the Valley of the Moon.

I parked my truck at the towers and rode in with (fictitious call signs withheld by request) in a convoy that included three trucks and a jeep.  Infidel lead the way astride Horsepuckie’s Yamaha TTR230. The jeep encountered some problems on the first rugged incline , but they were quickly rectified and we were on the border  by 1700.

Infidel led a group up the “widowmaker”.  The hill we had reconned the week before and seen in the previous post.  This time he made it up the hill first time, opting to take the route I had traverse on my fourth and finally successful attempt.  The jeep and Toyota truck made it up no problem and the group there set up the thermal device.
Infidel found fresh sign on the way and promptly sprayed Hot Shot’s ass with the illegal alien’s deodorant.

Infidel, Beast and I set up at the eastern most end of the fence with the rest of the group filling in the gaps between us and other teams.
We spent a long cold eleven hours monitoring the border.  Other than a few distant Mexican vehicles we saw no activity.  Infidel, Beast and I did our best to stay warm.  The cold wind blowing didn’t help, except to make it harder to fall asleep.  At some point Infidel drank a “5 Hour” energy shot and when it kicked in he entertained us with stories of sushi, flapjacks and gorillas in the mist as well as many other lurid accounts of combat and perversion.
0600- Having got the call to begin loading up I opted to hike out.

Note: It takes approximately 45 minutes to hike from the border fence where we were posted to the  communication towers.

0700- I rolled out and back down to the base.  Met a crew there.  They had opted to take the brutal west road down even though the jeep had blown a front hub.  This was the same route that Infidel had vigorously shaken his head no about in the previous post.  I had hoped to get down and around the mountain to get pics of them coming down but they beat me to the bottom.  From what I heard they had an exhilarating trip.
 After the rest of the group came down and we debriefed with BP present.
 Border duty gets in your blood and I cannot get enough of defending the border, no matter how small a part I play.  On the way home Hot Shot and I diverted to the Yuha Desert for one last patrol.

The dirt, desert heat and my dog's border duty diet of Dinty Moore and beef jerky combined with the scent of the illegal alien anti-perspirant spray which Infidel had applied to Hot Shot’s ass to form an unpleasant mutant canine funk which I had to contend with on the ride home.  Once at the C1 compound I hastily rectified the situation.

I'll be back,

Semper Vigilans,

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