Please stand by for a weekend update

I am in the laborious process of composing my report. I am moving slow and am pretty stiff and sore from wiping out once and from doing over 200 miles on my  Honda XR400, mostly off pavement.
Saturday was the 1st Annual Robert Rosas Memorial Off Road Run.  I met some good people, including Mrs. Rosas, and got some great pics of the ride  along the border from Tierra Del Sol to  the top of Tecate Peak.
Sunday Horsepuckies, Shorty, Infidel, Beast, FN9, Golf1, Red Army and I all went out to the Valley of the Moon, east of Jacumba, to investigate the area for possible future ops.  Infidel, astride Horsepuckies' Yamaha 230, and I did some two wheel off road recon and went some places where very few four wheelers could possibly go.
In fact, we had a bit of a hard time getting out of a certain spot ourselves.  Submitted for your viewing pleasure is a video of my attempts (there were really only four) to make it up a curvy, steep, sandy, rocky hill.  Three of the attempts Infidel caught on video. I spontaneously aborted my initial ascent in a somewhat spectacular fashion.  Pity that was not on camera.
Anyway, an update is on the way. Thank you for your patience.
  Hope y'all enjoy the video!- C1

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