First Annual Robert Rosas Memorial Ride Eve Update

The following announcement is from "Dune Dummy #29" and posted at and
I hope to see y'all down there

As most of you have heard by now. Recently border patrol officer Robert Rosas was murdered by the border east of Campo. We are having the first annual Robert Rosas Memorial Ride to the Clouds Offroad Poker Run. The cost will be $5.00 per hand & you can buy as many poker hands as you want. All of the monies will go to the Rosas family.
This event will be held Saturday September 5th, 2009. (Labor Day weekend)
we will start @ 8:00 A.M. @ the Sacred Rocks Reserve in Boulevard. (The Hamptons) the first checkpoint where you will receive a playing card is @ the Rosas Monument near the end of Shockey Truck Trail where officer Rosas was killed.
The last checkpoint will be west of Tecate on the highest mountain in the area. This a very scenic place to overlook both sides of the border. This will be around 70 miles round trip & will take 6 – 8 hours. Bring a lunch, snacks, water & the beverage of your choice.
You will need bandannas & goggles because you will get dirty. We will make stops in Smith Canyon & the Tecate Train Tunnel.
We are looking for anyone that wants to donate prizes for this event. It will be a fun ride & for a good cause.

This is not a grueling endurance run and I have been assured that pickups and jeeps can complete the trip, so no excuses!-  BE THERE!

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