U.S. Evolutions AAR

I received this  after action report several days ago from my friends at U.S. Evolutions.  I apologize for taking so long to get it posted.
I am hoping to be back on the border in Southern California again soon. There is also a large muster of Patriots taking place very soon in the Huachuca Mountains of Arizona mentioned in the post below.  Information regarding that gathering can be found here:
Stay Safe, Be vigilant,

Sunday 8-9-09

Many areas of the border have been heavily patrolled since the murder of US Border Patrol Agent Robert Rosas while on duty in Campo, CA July 23rd.  Our area has seen activity from USBP, SD Sheriffs, ICE, Customs Agents, Harbor Police, Military, Coast Guard, and more.  This has greatly reduced north bound traffic, though signs of illegal entry are still visible.  After seeing that most of the outside Law Enforcement Agencies had withdrawn; we set up a watch for morning shift change.  USBP Agents were all over the area.  The border road had been so heavily dragged that passing vehicles kicked up view obscuring dust clouds.  A wise practice is to only drag the edges of the border road leaving a driving lane in the middle.  One of our cameras recorded several Agents getting a boost up to look over the border fence into Mexico, likely looking for sign that anyone had used the area to cross.  A safer method might involved something like a hidden camera watching the crossing point.
We made some fence improvements and repairs while BP worked a group a few hundred yards outside our area.  The increased LE presence is not sustainable.  More fencing and surveillance systems will be needed to make lasting security improvements in these remote areas of the border.
Pics 1-3: Although a small gap in coverage does present itself when Agents breakdown their thermal image camera; no smugglers chanced it this day.  The dust clouds created by passing patrol vehicles would make a good cover for anyone wishing to cross.  Better fencing would greatly reduce this chance.
(pic 3 withheld for security reasons-C1)
Pic 4: This hole appeared to be set up for south bound passage.  BP reports that they have apprehended several groups trying to run south who could not make it through our fence.
(pic 4 withheld for security reasons-C1)
Videos 1 and 2: DHS has responded to the murder of Agent Rosas by sending large numbers of LE Officers to the border.  All of them seem to have an M-4 Carbine.  This makes them almost as well armed as their Mexican LE and Military counterparts.  Popping one's head up over the border fence however may not be the smartest activity.
Headway has been made in another area of the border where trail cameras have been documenting massive amounts of narcotics and illegal aliens passing through the Huachuca Mountains in Arizona.  DHS has established a base camp at the south end of this range and appears to be finally making an effort to prevent entry into that vast system of trails.  The website has been credited with bringing the problem to public scrutiny by showing videos and images of daily drug and alien traffic there.
All image copyright U.S. Evolutions, Inc. 2009.

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