AAR from Campo library-1AUG09

I was on the line last night until from about 1600 until 0130.  Checked in with the agents at Red Shank in Tierra Del Sol then proceeded slowly to the scene of the crime.

 Without exception the agents, and there were many, were supportive of our presence and grateful for the help. 

Red Army, G1 and and I then continued west, they went to the twin towers east of the 242 and I to ZHP.  They left the area around midnight and I moved to the donut hole until 0130.  FN9 was at the couch until 0100.  There was a big party at the Ranchita with fireworks, a band and drunken hoots and hollers but other than that we detected no activity.  BP did catch a group west of the tunnel and north of the 94 earlier in the evening.
I am posting this wireless from the library in Campo.  I will attempt to post this brief AAR along with pics.  Then Hot Shot and I will put in at Tecate and patrol our way back to the east.

The funeral procession was amazing and amazingly sad.  A few of us lined the area in front of the cemetary with signs and flags then stood in the sun,

 with our hats over our hearts for 45 minutes as the seemingly endless procession of BP agents passed.

 I look forward to seeing y'all at the vigil tonight.  I can be reached by cell phone if need be and if I am on an area of the border with a signal.  You know what radio frequency I will be on.
God Bless y'all, the Rosas family, the men and women of the United States Border Patrol and
God Bless America.
Semper Vigilans,

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