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Four more arrested In Border Agents murder

July 26, 2:10 PM

Campo, CA –-The Associated Press is reporting this hour that four men have been arrested by Mexican authorities in connection with the July 24th slaying of US Border Patrol Agent Robert Wimer Rosas. This brings to five the total number of individuals confirmed arrested for the Agents murder.

 The men were identified as Jose Quintero Ruiz, 43, and his brother Jose Eugenio Quintero Ruiz, 49, as well as taxi drivers Jose Alfredo Camacho, 34 and Antonio Valladares, 57. They all are allegedly part of a human smuggling ring and 21 others were found with them at the time of the arrest along with four guns, this according to Elias Alvarez Hernandez, Coordinator of the Mexican Federal Police.

A fifth man, Ernesto Parra Valenzuela was arrested shortly after the crime in a nearby Mexican community and according to Tecate Police was injured and in possession of a Border Patrol issued sidearm. Hernandez stated that witnesses have identified Valenzuela as the shooter.

KPIX in San Francisco reported Friday that police, traced a cell phone apparently used near the murder scene at the time of the attack. They surrounded the O’Connor Hospital Emergency Room in San Jose and took two men and one woman ,who were being treated for injuries, in for questioning. Neither the FBI nor DHS is commenting on any of the arrests, which is not unusual in a case such as this.

Border Agent Robert Rosas was attacked while responding to an incursion of the US Border with Mexico. Details are still closely held but it has been reported that a struggle with suspected illegal border crossers occurred and the Agent was overwhelmed and shot several times, perhaps with his own weapon. Blood evidence, not belonging to Rosas was found at the scene indicating one or more other persons were seriously injured in the mêlée.

Hospitals on both sides of the border have been alerted to watch for individuals with unexplained injuries. It is not clear if these persons were arrested as a result of these efforts but the level of cooperation between the two countries in this investigation is unprecedented. Within thirty minutes of the murder, US Authorities received permission from Mexico to conduct helicopter searches over Mexican territory. Police on both sides of the border are working closely to solve the murder and bring the perpetrators to justice. How long this cooperation will last is anyone's guess at this time as is the definition of justice. The Extradition Treaty with Mexico does not allow for extradition of Mexican Nationals who have fled prosecution in the United States if capital punishment is a possibility and in some cases, even if life imprisonment is possible. US Prosecutors will almost certainly seek the death penalty if these me are arraigned and charged with the Agents murder placing the competing interest's of both countries in the spotlight and further exacerbating an already strained relationship. 

It is expected that the FBI will issue a statement regarding the arrests late Sunday or Monday.

Author: Carl Braun

Carl Braun is an Examiner from San Diego. You can see Carl's articles on Carl's Home Page.

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