Genuine Mourning and disgusting opportunism

Ronbo lowered the flag at Patriot Point to half mast yesterday in memory of Agent Robert Rosas who gave his life protecting America's porous southern frontier.

Meanwhile the invasion from the south continues as noted in Ronbos report:

"It was still and quiet at the Point yesterday morning. After replacing the flag with a new one I noticed movement in the rocks south of the grassy knoll. Not having binos I couldn't make out details but there were definitely folks moving about. I decided to vacate the area and alert an agent I had passed down the hill. Encountered another before I reached him and was told they already had eyes on 5 and were waiting for them to cross. I decided that to wait for the wind to come up and unfurl the flag for a better picture would delay the crossing, I didn't want to impede the agents in any way so decided to leave."

I can almost understand these bastards taking advantage of the situation to further their illegal goals.  It's what they do and to be expected, not condoned, but expected.
What I cannot comprehend is Jim Gilchrist, a supposed "Minuteman" taking advantage of the death of Agent Robert Rosas to fund raise.  Yesterday morning I got two more spammed e-mails from Jim Gilchrist's "Minuteman Project"
( which for the most part, on the border, only consists of Kingfish, Gadget and occasionally Jawbone) with updates about the incident and solicitations for "generous contributions".  Contributions NOT to the grieving family of the deceased agent, but to line his own pockets.  This both saddens and angers me.  Please do not contribute to this charlatan.  But instead, please call BP or Homeland Security and find out what you can do for Agent Rosas wife and children.

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