Another arrest made

Mexican male arrested in BP Agent Shooting

July 25, 12:07 PM

Campo, CA–According to published reports from AFNTijuana and the LA Times, a 36 year old Mexican male was arrested as a suspect in the shooting of US Border Agent Robert Rosas.

Teccate police observed the man, who was injured, at 1:30 am in Ejido El Encinal a community on the Mexican side near where the shooting occurred. He was reportedly in possession of a US Border Patrol issued sidearm.

The man identified as Ernesto Parra Valenzuela was taken to the hospital for his injuries and is being questioned by Mexican authorities who have detained upwards of twenty-five people in connection with the border agent's murder.

On Friday, KPIX in San Francisco reported that two men and 1 woman were arrested also in connection with the murder at a local hospital where they too were seeking treatment for injuries. Details are sketchy but law enforcement apparently located them by tracking cell phones used in the area at the time of the assault.

The FBI and Border Patrol have not yet issued any statements on the arrests.

Author: Carl Braun

Carl Braun is an Examiner from San Diego. You can see Carl's articles on Carl's Home Page.

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