Border update 17-18JUL09

17 JUL09
0700-Departed the C1 compound-left Hot Shot at home in anticipation of an Intro to tracking class on Saturday
0950-Arrived at Circle K in Campo-gassed up
1000- Forest Gate road.  Observed an unusually high number of men in ARPAT camouflage at the BP station, as well as several construction trucks going in and out of the border area.  I headed east on the border road, past “The Oaks”, headquarters of the remnants of the Campo Minutemen.

My intention was to set up camp at the high point at the 138.  But as I crested the hill by the 239 monument I was stopped by an undercover BP agent, briefly questioned then I had a few questions of my own
as I could see Mexican Military on the south side of the fence

directly across from a construction crew obviously welding on the fence.

  Seems some of our neighbors to the south decided to cut a gate in the fence and drive a load of dope through the night before.
I drove down to the 141 and climbed on top of the shade shed to scan the area.  Seeing Kingfish at his usual position on the high point on the east side of Smith canyon I gave him a call and was informed that he had witnessed and reported the drive through to BP at 1930 on the evening of 16JUL09.  BP pursued the dark colored pickup and spike stripped it.  Kingfish told me, and later BP confirmed, that the truck either had silicone in it’s tires or run flat tires because after getting spiked it turned around and made it back to Mexico.  The illegal entry and subsequent exit took place at panel 888.

I set up camp at the 138 then proceeded to roll west on the border road.

1210-I drove down to the west end of the new fence where it abruptly ends just east of the top of the railroad tunnel.

  I noticed something I thought was interesting. 

The second tunnel to the south, the one in Mexico that has a gate (the tunnel coming into America has no such barrier) was open. 

I have only seen it open on weekends when the train from Campo goes to Tecate on a tourista shopping excursion.  I made a note of it and pressed on west.
In Bell Valley I planted a trail cam

 under the watchful eye of an indigenous populant,

then cruised all the roads in the area and observed a plethora of tell tale signs of illegal entry,

taking heart that by some of the trash were remnants of cable tie handcuffs indicating apprehension.

I rolled over into the shade and encountered an agent friend of mine.  I told him about the gate being open on the tunnel in Mexico and he said a train had come from Tecate, Mexico unannounced that morning at 0900.  BP searched it and it was clean but the agent either didn’t know or couldn’t tell me what became of the matter after that. Sounds like the Mexicans were testing our defenses to me.
1315-rolled west to Tecate
1350-rolled east after sitting on a highpoint overlooking Tecate, Mexico for about half and hour
1445-Deep in Bell Valley, exploring all the truck trails to the end.  No cell phone coverage
1505- Gate on Mexican tunnel is shut
1530- Donut Hole- Hard Charger is at the Point.  I had been trying to call Horsepuckies all day, ever since hearing about the breach in the fence.  His phone had been busy all day so I decided to leave the area at 1635 and head to his place to check on him.  He had family visiting and was aware that his phone was out.  After a brief visit I headed back to the line.
1815- Back at the Donut Hole, FN9 at the Couch. No activity, I decided to patrol to the west and  then go visit a local.
1930-Met Patriot 5, FN9 and Infidel at the couch in preparation for night ops. Miramar, Patriot 22 and several other operators arrive.
2140- Ten of us in five vehicles rolled west and deployed at predetermined spots throughout Bell Valley.  I spent the entire night observing the eastern terminus of the new fence and detected no activity other than hearing intermittent voices.

We pulled out and met at the bridge.  My intention was to meet briefly meet with the team then head back to my camp before it got too hot and get some sleep.  It was not to be.  Trapped in a line of vehicles on the bridge I slept for about twenty minutes before BP came and asked us to stay put as they had a group trying to cross at the 242 and some new recruits they wanted to break in.  I shared the last of my strong, lukewarm, coonass coffee with Miramar, Infidel and FN9 while Infidel entertained us with tales of taking steaming dumps on seismic sensors and throat thumping Thai whores for vaginal verification.
0850- Left Bell Valley and headed to Horsepuckie’s
1030- Participated in tracking class

It was an excellent introduction by a gifted instructor.  I am grateful for the opportunity to attend and for the information received.
1230- Left Horsepuckies and headed to my camp at the 138 with the intention of getting some sleep.  I set up a motion sensor and went to sleep for about 45 minutes before the sensor tripped.  It was Infidel and while I was grumpy and sleepy it was really too hot to sleep in the tent by that time anyway.  After he left I broke camp and decided to just doze in my lawn chair in the shade.  Then Patriot 5 stopped by.  We had what I though was a nice visit and then I watched his 6 while he caught a few winks.  In the interim 36 stopped by for a short visit.  Then Patriot 5 left and I headed back into town for ice and gas.  I detected no Sponch at the Circle K though I was surprised to have the pleasure of observing several suitable sushi substitutes.  Perhaps sleep deprivation was affecting me more than I cared to admit.
1830- Back at the Couch trail for part two of the tracking class

It was every bit as excellent as the earlier session and, again, I am grateful to have taken part in this unique educational opportunity.
After several Red Bulls I thought for a while that I would be able to pull another all nighter with the crew, but as it came time to deploy I realized I would be of little use and had just enough stamina to make it home.  I opted to head back to the C1 compound and made it home by 2300 after several stops to stretch and re-caffienate. I regret not having the energy to pull two 24 hour shifts in a row, but I know my limitations and would not subject my team members to my grumpy, sleepy, sloppiness. I hope they understand.
 I also hope y’all understand that credit should be given where credit is due.  While I do not hold Jim Gilchrist and his obnoxious and opportunistic fund raising efforts in high esteem ( I have received no less than three e-mails from Gilchrist begging for money in the past week) and am disappointed that the Campo Minutemen are affiliated with such a nefarious individual,  Kingfish must be credited and acknowledged for a job well done.  From his vantage point at least a mile to the east he witnessed, and reported to BP, the breaching of the fence at panel 888 and had the invaders not had run flat tires I have no doubt the agents would have made the apprehension.
This speaks to me of the effectiveness of civilian observers on our porous southern frontier and the need for more of same. What do you think?  Are you ready to come on down?
Whether or not I actually meet you on a dusty border road I will be with you in the fellowship of the Spirit of America and I shall return as soon as I am able to.
Until then,
Semper Vigilans

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2 responses

  1. J J

    Excellent patrol, as usual C-1! You watch out for that SOB with the rifle in his back pack. He is most likely one of the "bandidos" who stole several guns from Kingfish a couple of years ago, which included a folding stock Mini-14. Me and Bog Bob spotted him and the "folder" one day from down on 94, when we were watching for the "cap rock smuggler"! This guy could be real bad news with that 223 weapon. I spotted him high pointing from cap rock, and watched him shoulder sling the mini, and then put his pack on OVER the slung weapon, when he finally got up and moved! Not too smart if you had to get it off in a hurry, huh? Keep an eye on this guy. He's evidently been working for the cartel for several years in this area of the Border. Good luck,J JTell Big Bob, 36, and the others that I said Hi !

    July 23, 2009 at 17:37

  2. Thanks for the intel, JJ. I'll keep my eyes peeled for that guy and that gun

    July 23, 2009 at 18:26

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