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To: Southwestern Front Command
Re: Operations in the vicinity of Campo, CA- July 11, 2009
Comrades G1 and Red Army departed for the Front at approximately 0800hrs after a successful transfer of gear, most of which was made in the United States of America, the pride of the skilled working class of their great motherland. A smaller amount of their gear was manufactured by American out-source traitors, who shipped the pride and skill of their countrymen overseas, to sweatshops staffed by exploited workers who toil for mere pennies a day so that their masters and greedy executives can make a killing- literally.
Fair trade coffee was consumed in copious amounts, new dick jokes were told, and the two arrived without incident at the Front by approximately 0915 hrs. After gearing up and conducting a radio check, the two patrolled westbound along the border road. In Bell Valley, a large amount of recent sign was discovered in the vicinity of the heavy oak trees.

Booties and blanket material hung on the barbed wire and by new holes dug under the fence.

Tracks were abundant as well. Along the new "access" roads constructed in Mexico that run along with the Pemex Road, a lone dust colored Jeep Cherokee was spotted. When the driver realized that he was under observation and being photographed, he exited the area with haste.

NKVD Border Troops were informed of the activity.

(NOTE: This is the same vehicle Bravo 2 spotted behind the Cap Rock from airborne recon in Green Hornet 4JUL09- C1)

Temperatures rose quickly that day, Comrades. Patriots working in the area are advised to make certain they stay hydrated and cool. To that end, Comrade G1 advises that second hand smoke is a leading cause of Second hand coolness. This is, as of yet, unconfirmed. Still, temperatures rose to and remained for a good portion of the day, triple digits along the fence sector. A large fire was spotted burning in dowtown Tecate.
Activity, likely due to this, was sparse during the hottest parts of the day. The Campo Diner provided rations at approximately 1245 hrs.
While on station at the Couch trail at approximately 1800 hrs, while on station at the Couch Trail, highpointers were spotted atop the peak between the two tank traps. Three were confirmed on station, though one had fallen asleep in the shade provided by a boulder. The enemies of the Motherland do not take vigilance as seriously as our Patriots!
However, comrades, a reminder: Also at couch trail, Comrade Noshoulders was spotted. For those without NKVD Security Training, that is code name for a rattlesnake. It must be noted now that Comrade Noshoulders WAS NOT HARMED IN ANY WAY.

The wildlife in this area, including rattlesnakes, must make a living in a harsh climate. Being needlessly shot, run over, or otherwise harmed for simply being the animal that they are is not only the sign of a small mind, small cock, and vile temperament, but also should be seen as squandering the natural resources of our Motherland. This snake sounded his presence, then retreated into some rocks. No harm, no foul. During the heat of the day, most wildlife will retreat under cover. However, in the cooler hours they do come out to try and hunt or scavenge. Simple awareness, and never letting your feet outrun your eyes will serve you well.

The two comrades repositioned to the Grassy Knoll and spotted a high pointed there on a cell phone, in the same location as on July 4th, attempting to guide a group across the fence.

NKVD Border troops advise that this area has been particularly active of late.
The two comrades departed the Front at approximately 2245hrs for home.
Since October of 2008 the Border Patrol has apprehended over 86,000 illegal immigrants, ad over half a ton of cocaine in the San Diego sector alone. With the State of California's government actively treasonous toward this situation, and the continuing treason and failure of the Federal Government on nearly every front, won't you, fellow citizen, lend a hand? At the very least, come and see the situation with your own eyes, and cease just taking the word of newscasters or pundits for reality?
Your Republic, Your State, and your fellow citizen need you now more than ever.
Conclusion of Report

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