Independence Day weekend update

Border Update 2-5JUL09

1055-Departed the C1 compound
1300-Arrived in Jacumba
1330- Stopped by to visit John Finn, America’s oldest living Medal of Honor winner. 

Had a good, short visit with Mr. Finn and his companion, Frances Carmichael as well as another friendly gentleman whose name escapes me.  Then I headed to Horsepuckie’s place.
1500- Visited with Horsepuckies and FN9 then headed for the border to set up camp.
1545- Set up camp at the 138.  Left camp at 1715 then headed to Campo for ice. At 1745 Big Bob put out an all call to which I responded.  Big Bob was on the line at the grassy knoll and I informed him that I was proceeding west on 94 to Tecate and would patrol from there to the east and meet up with him later.
1810- I put in at the border in Tecate just east of the POE.  I checked in with BP to inform them of my intent, then geared up and headed east.

 On the way my advisor from US Evolutions called and made arrangement to provide me the Thermal Eye the next morning for the following evening’s ops.  I also spoke with an agent I met on the way who informed me that 19 had just been caught to the east crossing in broad daylight at Zuellner’s.
1900-Bell Valley
1950-Donut Hole. An agent comes up to me almost as soon as I arrive.  He informed me that they were working the area and it was very “hot”.  He said there were groups on the south side all along the fence by the 5 Star.  He told me I was all right to be in the area but to please stay mobile for a couple of hours.  I decided to leave the immediate vicinity to let the agents to their work without having to worry about my actions possibly botching their operations. I patrolled to the east.  I found Big Bob at the grassy knoll and the agent had told him the same thing.  While visiting there with Big Bob, FN9 showed up.  We visited awhile longer then I patrolled to the east to the 141, turned around and patrolled back.  
2200- While on the border road just east of Patriot Point I encountered an agent in his truck coming the opposite way.  I stopped and asked him if it was ok to patrol on to the west.  He said it was no problem and so, I pressed on and went back to the Donut Hole.  Hot Shot and I split a bag of beef jerky and then, out of the corner of my eye I spotted someone walking up the edge of the road from the low spot on the east side of my position.  Hot Shot began to growl and we got out of the cab and I stood their, with my hand holding Hot Shot’s collar as the individual approached.  He flashed a red light at me I recognized that he was an agent, though attired somewhat differently.  He spoke to me in hushed tones and said they were working a large group and would I mind leaving my position.  “Of course”, I said, “No problem”.  But then I remarked that I had just asked and agent if it was ok to be over there and he had said yes.  The man replied, “We are Air Mobile and the agent you asked was from El Cajon, they don’t even know we are here.”
Understood.  I rolled out lights off under the bright moon and continued lights out down the G road.  There were BP trucks stashed everywhere and agents with backpacks humping into the brush.
2245- I said my goodbyes to Big Bob and FN9 and retired to my camp at the 138
3JUL09-0730 woke up
0830- Left the line to go pick up the U.S. Evolutions Thermal Eye

0940- Acquired the thermal unit and headed to Camp Vigilance
1000- Visited with BPAUX members at Camp Vigilance who were preparing the camp for the Secure America Now event.  Left Camp V at 1030
1100- Geared up on the G road by the Corps of Engineers yard.  Then I checked in with Big Bob at the Grassy Knoll.  FN9 and Merlin were at the Couch as well as Viking and Weasel. 3 POIs were spotted in Mexico walking east down the road that parallels the fence east of the Point.

1250- Planted trail cam on what looked like a well worn path

1315- Hot Shot and I ascend the 241.

 We swept all sides of the hill and find nothing but the discarded detritus dumped by those desperate to depart their native land.

 We stayed up top all afternoon while watching groups of 3 and 4 heading north across the field.

 I also watched as two men, one with a short rifle or perhaps a machete in a back pack, crossed the field heading to the back of the 241.  They appeared to be in uniform and were tracking someone.

 Two BP agents joined me n the hilltop for a while and seemed interested about the two men, tracking to my south. While atop we heard that a group had crossed in broad daylight east of the Point and west of the PCT.  This would be the norm for the weekend.

 BP was on top of them and got the bulk of the group.  FN9 watched my truck and the backside of the hill while I was on top.  I descended at 1700.
1730- Rolled west from the 127 behind G1 and Red Army for a short, uneventful cruise to Bell Valley,
1930- Returned to my camp at the 138
2015- Went to sleep I hopes to awaken in the wee hours and deploy the Thermal Eye after the moon went down.  I might well have slept the whole night through but luckily G1 and Red Army came to check on me.  I was a bit grumpy at first, and I apologize again for that, but was grateful they woke me up at about 0130 on Independence Day.
0210- G1, Red Army and I joined Infidel and two new trackers and cruised to Bell Valley.  We dispersed to various points and Hot Shot and I watched the trackers back through the thermal as they scoured unfamiliar terrain in the dark.  We encountered no intruders but, when the sun came up, I was treated to a tracking lesson by two of America’s finest. 

We found evidence of recent intrusion and BP agents were on hand in the area as well.
0600- Departed Bell Valley
0650- Couch Trail- Red Army showed me a belt he had found by the tank trap on his previous mission.

 Inside the belt were phone numbers, which have been e-mailed to my BP contact.

0745-127 turnout-Prepared to ascend the 241 again.  Hot Shot was not enthused about this.
0830- Ascended the 241 and swept all sides.

 No signs of company evident except on the radio where my friends to the south cussed me out incessantly for over an hour.  Lil Dog arrived at the Point and was visited by Wildcard, Merlin and Big Bob, Weasel, Viking and others.  I chatted briefly with Lil Dog as best I could between the insults from the rowdy residents of the Ranchita.  G1 and Red Army deployed to the west to find a place to sleep in the shade of the railroad trestle.

 I called BP and reported two men crossing the field north of the 241 and south of the 94.  BP responded swiftly and began tracking but apparently the men were picked up on 94 before the agents could apprehend. Later Bravo 2 made an airborne pass of the area with Green Hornet

1230- I descended the 241, Hot Shot and I having depleted all our water.
All the other Patriots on the line left the area to head for the Secure America Now event at Camp Vigilance leaving only me, Wildcard and Red Army and G1 who returned from their nap.
1310- While on the G road retrieving my trail cam G1 got on the radio to report extremely fresh sign at panel 1907.  I reported this to a BP agent who just happened by at that exact time and almost simultaneously Wildcard reported to black and white Policia pickups traveling the road next to the fence in Mexico just east of the Point.  This info was passed the BP agent in my area as well, to which he responded, “they might be trying to push some drugs through.”  In the end we heard that BP had caught 19 trying to cross the 94 and meet up with two groups of 9 on the north side of the 94, which BP also apprehended.  Credit G1 and Red Army with the assist.


1410- Wildcard left the area and Red Army and G1 headed for town for grub. 

I returned to the 138, geared up for night ops and by 1530 was napping in my tent.
1800- Met with 36 at the PCT, shot the shit, received intel and passed along the US EVO Thermal Eye to him.
1930- Met many fellow Patriots at the Couch Trail and received report of the days events at Camp V, where among other things Chelene Nightingale declared her intent to run for Governor. (She's conservative..and she's hot!!)
 Then, at the urging of Infidel and his cry to “DO WORK,” I deployed with them to Zuellner’s High Point.  I hid my truck under camo netting and Hot Shot and I crept into the bushes with NVG where we scanned the area to the east.  Infidel, FN9 and several MCDC and SDMM members worked the top of ZHP with the help of a Thermal unit on loan from Patriot 5.  No POIs were detected and we left ZHP at 0130, 5JUL09
0200- Visited with Lil Dog at Patriot Point while Hot Shot played with Freckles.
0300- Back at the 138-sleep
0730- Wake up-break camp
0915-Head home
While I didn’t have the pleasure of personally observing and reporting any invaders this trip, and indeed have been “skunked” quite a few times recently, my presence on the line, and that of so many other like-minded Patriots was a definite deterrent.  This is evidenced by the irritation of the Mexicans hurling threats and insults at me over the radio, some calling me out by name.  Also, by the fact that groups are crossing in broad daylight in close proximity to our positions.  Without exception the Agents in our area, unofficially of course, express their appreciation for our efforts as extra eyes and ears.
My trail cam yielded nothing but videos of wind blown vegetation, but those experiments will continue and I will get more cameras as I can afford them.

 Any help with gear or gas is always welcome and I want to again thank those of you who have sent gas cards. While I don’t solicit donations, I will not turn them down either.
You can also purchase C1 Border WARdrobe

But this best contribution you could make would be to join us on the border! E-mail me at and I can tell you where we are and how to get there.  Or find one of the many groups in your area. Surely you can do that for your country.  You won’t regret it.  If I can help you in any way please contact me.
Until then, remain vigilant at all levels.  Our country is under attack, not only from across the border, but from within.
 Semper Vigilans,

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