The Horsepuckies Report- A Hero’s Birthday Party

The following text and photos are a reprint from an e-mail I just received from Horsepuckies, a Tecate Border Volunteer, staunch Patriot and former Marine.  I am sorry I was unable to attend John Finn's birthday party but am grateful I was able to visit with this great American Hero for several hours in his living room (see several posts below)
I am also glad to see Horsepuckies made it to the festivities.  Below is his account:

I had the privilege of meeting Mr John Finn a few months ago at his home near Boulevard  California. When I heard of the plan to have a party for his 100th birthday I just had to attend. John is the oldest living recipient of our nations highest award for valor ,the Congressional Medal Of Honor, and the only living recipient of those who earned the medal during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor,December 7th 1941.
  His body is weathered with age but his mind is still sharp and he travels often for speaking engagements and award ceremonies. He has a keen memory and it is a pleasure listening to his countless stories about the past. He is a living history book.  
  The party was attended by several hundred, possibly as many as 1000 people. The U.S. Navy sent representatives and several local government officials also attended as well as a representative from congressmen Duncan Hunters office. When one official told John that he hoped that he looked as good as John when he reached that age , John came back with "you look worse than I do now!" It was a wonderful party and a fitting tribute to our nations oldest living REAL hero.
     For those who may not know Why John received the Medal Of Honor, Please visit the following website  for the full story.
 Photos below are from Johns party.

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