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While I perused the Tecate Border Volunteers forum I came across a post from FN9.  This Patriot went to our area of operations Fathers Day afternoon and made some interesting observations.  While those of us who still have jobs have to leave the border on Sundays to get back to our families and occupations, the groups of would-be invaders, no doubt jammed up from the effective deterrent of many able bodied Americans on the line, take advantage of our departure and cross the border.  It is with great pleasure and with permission that I submit the first of what I hope is many of:

The FN9 Report
My Sunday Drive

About 3 PM today,while I was out taking care of details involving my summer plans, I found myself in the general area of our usual border operations. Thinking some of our guys might still be in the area, I decided to have a little looksee. Not properly dressed for border work (shorts, tank top and flip-flops don't work), my intention was to only go as far west as necessary to ascertain whether or not there was anyone remaining on watch. I stopped in front of the point and made my radio inquiry but got no response. I was going to turn around and leave the area when I noticed new layup debris on the south side in the distance. Well, you all know how it is. You HAVE to check it out. So I decide to do a little cruise around. First stop: the couch. Nothing unusual on the north side but from there I could see something on the back road between 5 star and the donut hole, as well as something large at the donut hole. Turns out it was a recently dropped booty (Mr. Green later said it hadn't been there on his last pass). The object at the donut hold was a dropped road brush. Second stop: Donut Hole. I saw massive amounts of new debris that hadn't been there last Sun and was indicative of a large group. I saw a vehicle heading back to the Ranchita but just caught the tail end. The were a fair amount of people milling around the Ranchita. I went down over the hill on the road heading down to the base of 241. There were numerous fresh water bottles at the side of the road where it crested. Back on the border road going east, I noticed something large and shiny on the southside next to the road leading to the tank trap. It looked like a disabled weather balloon and was weighted down by something. Too big for a "normal balloon" . It was too far away to see clearly but was definitely not your usual desert garbage. I've never seen anything like it out there. I went further and found what looked like ramp parts next to the vehicle barriers where there is construction. About that time, Mr. Green came over the hill and I reported all I had seen. That's when He said the booty was recent. He also said that both Campo and Bell Valley. areas were very busy last night and that a group of 18 had been pulled out of Bell Valley, several smaller groups out of 241 to Point areas. He then left to check out my reports and I left the area. Nice Sunday drive.

Happy Father's Day to all of you Fathers!

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