A non-border weekend update:

 It came to my attention late in the evening Thursday that 18JUN was National Sushi Day! I reflected on the occasion with a mixture of despair and delight. The elegant platter remains elusive………but the ruling still stands.

 Friday 19JUN I celebrated Juneteenth with my family and an assortment of soul food, but alas, no Woosie Red Soda water.
The catfish was great.

The sweet potato cobbler was delicious.

With the Juneteenth celebration of freedom still fresh in my mind and on my pallet, family members joined me in the desert on Fathers Day to exercise our 2nd amendment rights while we still have them.

While we were having a literal blast, stalwart Patriots were on the border to “do work”.
Below this post is the Red Army reportPlease read it and consider joining us on the border on the 4th of July, to not only celebrate our independence but to take an active part in preserving it as well.
Semper Vi,

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