U.S. Evolutions AAR

This was submitted by and reprinted with the permission of my good friends at U.S. Evolutions:

Saturday 6-13-09
After recording crossing activity at 06:30 on several different days; we decided to set up and see what was happening.  A BP Agent was on over watch from a good high point most of the night with no activity.  We moved position to check on cameras believing the Agent would stay in place until 08:00, shift change.  Instead the Agent left at 06:30.  Had we not been in an overt position covering the border road for two miles there would have likely been a crossing.  Afterwards we reinforced existing sections of both the primary border fence and our chain link fence, closing off rat holes and easy climb under areas.  The new fence is working, but smugglers are climbing it when no one is watching (which is most of the time).  This was confirmed by a single we encountered on our way home.  He flagged us down and asked for water and wanted us to call the 'migra' for him.  He claimed to have crossed the night before and was slightly injured when he fell off the ladder on the north side.  He mentioned they had tried to cross earlier through a hole under the shorter 'lamina' or fence.  But BP was on them too fast so the smuggler moved them to a more difficult but less watched location.

Video 1: This single has trouble climbing the old landing mat fence but eventually makes it with the help of a barricade installed by BP.

Video 2: This rat hole was plugged with rocks, which are easily moved and replaced by smugglers.  Welding heavy rebar across the hole is far more effective.  This potential smuggler's face is just inches from the camera as he moves the rocks.

All images and video copyright U.S. Evolutions, Inc. 2009.

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