Celebrating the 2nd Amendment

  Yesterday I had to work, grateful I still have a job.  Then I headed to my friendly neighborhood local gun shop to solve the nation's problems and get a refresher course on the care and maintenance of my new M4.  Bravo 6 Actual was glad to do this and after I finish this entry I will set about cleaning my weapons.  While I was in the gun shop Red Army called.  He was at the Costa Mesa Gun Show and inquired if I needed anything!  It's nice to get calls such as these and, while I always have a veritable laundry list of wants when it comes to guns and ammo, I declined his generous offer.  Thanks Red Army!
 Today I headed to the desert to sight in a couple of rifles.  I have been experimenting with various ways of "dressing up" my M4.  Since the Democratic Peoples Republic of California in all it's ignorance has decreed that any AR variant not registered with the state as an assault rifle ( a few years too late for me to do this)  my magazine must be fixed and restricted to 10 rounds or a tool must be used to change out  10 round mags, rendering swift reloading difficult and high capacity magazine use impossible, indeed illegal.
With such restrictions in this state I have opted to place the Burris 3x-12x-32mm long eye relief Electro-dot scope which came with my M1A Scout, on the M4. 

My thinking is I might as well use it as a pseudo-sniper rifle since I have to load bullets in it one at a time anyway.  I slipped the bipod on the lower rail and, one shot at a time, got it dialed in.
Then I removed the scope and got my new flip up iron sight from La Rue Tactical dialed in as well.  Then I put the scope back on and it retained it's accuracy.

Next I set up my Springfield M1A Scout with an old Tasco Pro Point.  I got it dialed in but even with the red dot turned all the way to it's brightest it is hard to see in broad daylight, making fast target acquisition not so fast.  I will keep it handy for night use if the situation should arise, as it might down on the border.

But for some reason I really love shooting this rifle with the iron sights.

In the future I may get a standard scope mount for it and a traditional high powered sniper scope.
As I was packing up my rifles I was joined by a Riverside County Sheriff's Deputy. 

With my S&W Model 60 loaded on my hip I placed my hands on my head as he pulled up and turned to the side so he could see the pistol.  He approached, disarmed me and told me how much he appreciated me doing all that.  He went on to tell me tales of idiots shooting out there who see him pull up and just keep shooting!  On those occasions he approaches with his on M4 at the ready which generally convinces the ignorant and impolite shooters to cease fire.  He examined my weapons and complimented me on my M4, handled it and informed me he was a former Marine.  I thanked him for his service to our country in the United States Marine Corps and his continued service with the Sheriff's Department.
We sat on the tail gate and shot the shit for a while and then we were both on our way.
On the way home Mr. Green was my wingman almost the entire way! 

Unusual for this neck of the woods, albeit it welcomed.
Which reminds me that I am gearing up for another mission to the border.  Care to join me?  E-mail me at and I will tell you how you can help.  Your country needs you and the Border Patrol generally welcomes responsible Americans on the line to be extra eyes and ears for them.  I hope to meet you there.  Until then
Stay safe
Be vigilant

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