U.S. Evolutions AAR

This from my friends at U.S.Evolutions:

Wednesday 5-27-09
Data retrieved from our covert trail cameras showed evidence of several crossings, concentrated at three locations.  Two of these were directly north of rat holes dug under the primary landing mat border fence.  The third was at the junction of the landing mat fence and the new border fence.  One group crossed just as we got on site.  Our cameras helped identify the time and location for Border Patrol Agents who were already looking for sign of the group but were unsure of the crossing point.  Another group likely crossed as we left based on radio intercepts and the presence of a south side spotter.  Border Patrol Agents have faced down several rock throwers in the area at the end of the fence.  Reports from others along the San Diego Sector border indicate that crossing attempts are still frequent but increased security measures are working.

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One response

  1. F9N

    All 3 are great reports!

    May 31, 2009 at 11:45

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