Guest Blogger (and newlywed)

Fresh from his wedding day on 23MAY09, Red Army was back on the line on Memorial day as was stalwart patriot and sidekick Golf 1.  Below is the


To: Southern Front Command
Re: Operations in the Tecate Sector 5-25-09
Comrades Golf 1 and Red Army departed for the front at 0800 hrs after a successful rendezvous, transfer of gear, and mass consumption of coffee.
The two comrade patriots arrived on station by 0930hrs, geared up, and sent out a general radio broadcast in an effort to determine if any other patriots were in the area. They received no response. Having checked in with the first NKVD Border Trooper they encountered, the two conducted a mobile patrol west toward Tecate. Arriving on station in the Bell Valley area, they conducted some recycling activities, attempting to lessen the carbon footprint of previous occupants.
A patrol through Bell Valley indicated the recent crossings; booties by the dozen, backpacks full of water and Tang (yes, TANG), discarded clothing, water bottles, pedialite, etc.

Tracks were also abundant.
The two comrades posted up in a layup that gave close observation of the east outskirts of Tecate. While in position, it was noticed that a large  compound to the west had high pointers on the rooftops which allowed them to keep the layup site under visual, as well as several NKVD vechicle hides.
At 1300 hrs the two comrades evacuated the area for the Campo Diner where they recharged with bacon cheeseburgers, fries, and cokes.
Arriving back on station at around 1430 hrs the two comrades held a Red Comrade's Court in the field and it was decided betting pool would be created on this singular question: Would there be a sushi sighting this 4th of July on the line like last year?
Comrade Wildcard arrived and remained on station on radio at the point, which was greatly appreciated.
The following incidents were reported by the two comrades, in between commentary on why we love sushi and punctuated by dick jokes.
1.) Multiple high pointers on top of cap rock, 241, and the ridgeline behind the train tunnel. All were equipped with cell phones and optics.
2.) Two groups forced to TBS in the vicinity of Zullners Ranch.
3.) A suspected Tecated Police Officer (dark blue uniform and body armor) led a group of six high pointers to the top of 241. They departed when G1 and Red Army ascended to the top.
4.) Two new dodge trucks (one white, one green) were sighted moving westbound on the Pemex road to the intersection of the Ranchita Road. Each vehicle had six uniformed men carrying assault rifles in the beds. At the intersection they turned south and headed out the Ranchita road to the highway. From there they headed west toward Tecate. Neither vehicle had discernable markings.
5.) A ladder was sighted hidden in the brush 20 yards from the fence near Zullner's ranch.
6. ) One group of six made it through the oaks at Zullners ranch to the highway, under observation by the NKVD Border Troops. They were met there by a coyote who picked them up and then panicked when challenged by Border Troops vehicles and crashed into a ravine.
G1 and Red Army met up with Wildcard at the point at 1900 hrs. The three conferred on the day's events and then departed the front. G1 and Red Army refueled on hot dogs and coffee at the local supply depot before leaving. They weren't bad.
The growing intensity of activity at the border, combined with the general collapse of the State's economy under the burden of its spiraling debts and failure of its elected officials, further raises the call for devoted patriots to stand forth and hold the line. Won't you join us, comrades? Won't you send a message to your failed state and national governments, by your time and legal action, that the citizen is still the backbone of this state and this nation?
Your state, your nation, and your fellow citizen needs you now more than ever.
Remember, if not you then who? If not now then when?
Conclusion of Report.


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One response

  1. Great report C1. Responsible for 2 groups caught yesterday in the area I pointed out when you and 36 dropped by the casa Memorial weekend. Set my camera up there as it's a very active spot. Shelter for Hotshot available any time you need it. Take care, be safe-Ronbo

    May 31, 2009 at 07:14

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