Border Update 22-24MAY09

0700-Departed the C1 compound with a full tank of gas thanks to the generous contribution of a Valero gas card from fellow Patriot Bravo Zulu.  Thanks again BZ!
1000- On the line at the PCT (Pacific Coast Trail) marker. Checked in with a BP agent at the 141
1030-Set up camp at the 138

1120-Went to Horsepuckies ranch to check in and to replenish my supply of Nature’s Big Bud Liquid Worm Castings

1240- Leave Horsepuckies
1320- Roll west on the line to meet up with Boston who has been on the line alone since Thursday night.

 At the Donut Hole Boston and I observe four men in Mexico walk around the backside of the 241.  This would set the tone for the entire weekend-lots of groups moving to and fro, back and forth from potential staging areas.
1425-Roll west
1440-Zuellners High Point (ZHP) Wildcard and FN9 are on the line to the east and check by radio.
I watch Omaha, the BP helicopter in our area, fly low over the fence between Cap Rock and 241.  he turned around at the 241 and then hovered very low over the fence in an area where potential IAs frequently wait to cross.  If they were there he dusted them good!
1715-I spot a spotter directly across from ZHP hiding in the shadows of a rock in Mexico.  He was just north of the Pemex and too distant for my little camera to catch.  As soon as I shot him the finger he got up and left.
1735-Leave ZHP Roll east to La Gloria canyon to experiment with a game camera I recently purchased.  I set it up in the canyon and left it until 24 hours later.

1845- Patriot Point.  Visited with Wildcard who is now writing the “Border Log” for the Alpine Sun.  Good work Wildcard!
While at the point observers to the west report a black and white pickup, followed by a black and gold pickup, driving north up the Ranchita road and turning east on the Pemex.

 The black and white drove straight up the road in Mexico toward the point and was identified and some sort of Police vehicle.  I had never seen a black and white police truck in the area before. 

Most are of the black and gold Tecate PD type same as the truck lingering in the trees behind the black and white.  The black and white turned east, drove down across from the grassy knoll and then followed the road to the south.

  Across from the Point he met up with the black and gold again and both departed the area to the west, eventually heading south on the Ranchita road. The event ended at approximately 1910.
In the meantime Boston ascended the 241 and remained on post until about 2100.  True to form, as soon as he left the summit the spotters from the south began their approach.  By 2230 it was confirmed that 7 spotters/potential illegals were atop the 241.  Perhaps they were there to spot for the group west of the 241.  If so, they didn’t do a very good job, as opposed to the Border Patrol who did an excellent job of capturing 11 illegals crossing in the Zuellner’s area.
0115-Went to sleep at my camp under the shade shed at the 138.
During the night I though I heard someone come over the fence nearby but was too weary to investigate.  Sure enough at 0615 as I rolled west there was a fresh bootie at the 239.
I headed west on the border road intending to go all the way to Tecate. 

But at 0655, just west of Cap Rock I spotted 4 men walking up the north/south section of the Pemex.  I pulled in behind a rock  close to where the new fence ends east of the tunnel and watched as the 4 men, loaded with jugs of water,  made their way to the top of Cap Rock. 

Once on top they spotted me and we observed each other for a while before I proceeded west.  I opted to patrol Bell Valley for a bit then stopped by the shooting range there to strip off the layers of long johns I still had on for night ops.  While there a BP agent stopped by.  He was an old friend and after informing him of the spotters on Cap Rock we reminisced for a while.  After being on border watch for several years now I have had the pleasure and honor to get to know many locals and BP agents.  This was an agent who had been on hand one morning a year or two ago when we flushed about twenty illegals from the small tank trap below the donut hole. The photo below is of that day:

It was good to see him.
While on the subject of meeting so many good people while on border duty let me take this opportunity to publicly congratulate my fellow observer and stalwart American Patriot Red Army on his marriage.  Had 23MAY09 not been this man’s wedding day I know he would have been on patrol with me.  I have not met his new bride but she must be on helluva good woman as I heard Red Army was on the line on Memorial Day, a scant two days later!
1100-I parked under the “twin towers” (119-120) west of the tunnel

 and Hot Shot and I hiked up the hill to observe the “dairy farm

and water park below,

both known staging areas.

The day was warm and bright and I reverted to being a lawn chair minuteman for a while, stripped off my body armor and shirt and soaked up some rays while monitoring the tunnel area, the Cap Rock and Pemex.

 While there two spotters crested the summit of a hill to the south of the tunnel and we binoed each other for a while before they headed down the hill toward the dairy farm.  I was also monitoring the Tecate Border Volunteers frequency and they were observing quite a few individuals and groups massing in the area east of the 241.  Weasel and Viking had arrived and were in the ZHP area while FN9, Wildcard, Boston, Big Bob, Stretch and Major Tom manned the line from the grassy knoll to the Donut Hole.
1240- I left the 120 and headed east.
1325-I parked at the 127 turnout and Hot Shot and I ascended the north face of the 241.  FN9 was parked at the eastern base of the 241 and Boston was at the Donut Hole.  Viking was at the ZHP and Weasel was on foot below him.
Hot Shot and I swept the hill and apparently surprised a spotter who fled down the south side of the hill.

 Man, he was running so fast I though for sure he was going to take a tumble. And as he was running he was frantically talking on his cell phone.  I tried to get a video of this hilarious episode but my little camera won’t zoom in video mode so it doesn’t do the incident justice. 

The vanquished spotter and I exchanged middle fingers and then he headed south toward the Ranchita.
This would be the norm for the day.  We observed groups of 7 or 8 head toward the border then TBS (turn back south). 

Then we would observe pairs of spotters and water bearers head north only to TBS.

One group of eight in the distance behind the “Bermuda triangle” TBSed single file then stopped in the middle of the field and huddled up.  All at once they took off to the south in a full run as if someone was chasing them.  FN( saw this too and it was a puzzling yet hilarious sight.
1725- We came down off the 241 and I went east to la Gloria canyon to check on my game camera experiment.  Thankfully it was still where I left it but had no photos of invaders.  This to me is evidence that the new fence there works. The camera worked too as I had 167 pictures of foliage waving in the breeze, bugs and birds.  Oh, and one shot of me coming to retrieve the camera.  I will be placing it and others at different point along the border in missions to come.  This at the urging and advice of my US Evolutions adviser who has used these relatively inexpensive cameras to great effect.
1800-Back at my camp at the 138 to have a delicious can of Texas’s own Wolf Brand Chili (how long has it been since you had a big, thick steamin’ bowl?) and to catch a little nap.

2100- Rolled west to visit with FN9 and other Patriots on the line.
2230- Parked on the G-Road and hiked in toward the tank trap for Observation.  Merlin was at the Couch, Weasel below the tank trap to my 2:00, Boston at the Donut and Shorty on the move.
0130-After leaving my peaceful spot under the stars I drove to Patriot Point.  Wildcard and Shorty had gone in and my thinking was with the area from the couch to the 241 well observed the group or groups we knew to be in the area might try to come in via the trough below and west of the Point.  However, when I arrived at the Point an agent informed me of a group massing to the east across from the grassy knoll.  Hot Shot and I stayed at the point, using night vision with the aid of and IR filtered Maglite to alternately view the areas below on the east and west and across from the point.  To be honest we also cat napped in the cab of the Uno Mobile from time to time.  At 0530 the group to the east TBSed and we left the area for the west for an early morning Tecate cruise.

 Later in the day that group would return to the area across from the grassy knoll only to be thwarted by Big Bob’s boys and Viking.
 After going to Tecate I went back to the 241 and called my old friend 36.  He suggested I take a break and join him for and impromptu visit to a national hero who live in the local area.  Unfortunately it was Fleet Week in New York and John Finn, the nations oldest living medal of honor winner was not at home, having headed back east for the festivities.  I understand he will be honored at the La Posta Diner on 27JUN, his 100th birthday.
36 and I stopped by to visit Ronbo for a while and on the way back nearly hit an illegal standing in the middle of the road trying to get a ride.  We went to the BP station and reported it. 36 later informed me on his way he observed agents handcuffing the illegal idiot and hauling him off.
1440- Back at the 138 I packed up and decided to head for home, the night before’s all nighter making me ever wearier.  I was monitoring the radio and there were still groups, undoubtedly frustrated , stacking up in the area.  I hated to leave but knew I would be of little use that night and had just enough energy, fortified by 3 cans of Red Bull, to make it home.  But first I stopped at the Donut Hole to tell FN9 goodbye.  While we were standing at there she informed me of a group that was sucked up next to the fence where the Ranchita road dead ends into the fence.  I looked that way and noticed a whole family walking north up the Ranchita road to the area where the group was hidden.

  They took a jog to the east and settled on a big rock by the fence where they appeared to have a little party.

 Now, I know it is the policy of certain border watch groups to have no contact with illegals or would be illegals.  I also know that this impromptu party was likely a ploy to divert our attention.  But being an independent observer and noting that Border Patrol was on the 241 and at the Couch, in positions to view the line, I couldn’t resist engaging in a little international diplomatic relations.  I pulled up to the fence and climbed up on the cab and asked the family what they were up to.  A young senorita who spoke pretty good English just said they were having a little party.  I asked them if they were there to help the group by the fence.  They denied knowing what I was talking about, of course. 

Then the young lady said they were having a little party back at “the ranch” (her words) and she pointed to the area of the Ranchita.  She invited me there for cervezas and carne asada.  I declined but added, “why don’t you give me your phone number and I’ll let you know if I change my mind.”  She did!  She asked me my name and I told her “Charlie”  She told me hers.  Then I ducked back down into the cab to check the phone number.  While I was trying to dial it she was on the other side of the fence hollering “Charlie, Charlie”.  I finally figured out the international code and, with caller ID blocked, made the call.  It was indeed the correct number and she sounded genuinely delighted and again invited to the ranch for carne asada.  Not wanting to end up in an ice chest just yet I again declined.  FN9 apparently got this on video. I am awaiting receipt of the footage and will include it if appropriate.

Hot Shot and I took a lazy ride home stopping several times to get out and stretch to stave off fatigue.
Upon arrival at home I contacted a high ranking Border Patrol official and old friend and made him aware of my “diplomacy”, giving him the young lady’s name and number.
Our efforts this weekend definitely stacked up the groups and they are frustrated. Let’s keep up the pressure.  Please join us or like –minded patriotic observers in your area.
Until then God Bless Y’all and God Bless the United States of America.
Semper Vigilans,

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