Yuha Desert Recon 17MAY09

Having had all the yard work and banal domesticity I could stand, Hot Shot and I set off for a Sunday drive to explore the Yuha Desert

 This is the area I briefly stopped through on the way back from my last mission in the usual area of operations.

 The BP agent I had spoken with indicated extra eyes and eyes might be of some use in the desolate area west of Brockman road and east of the Jacumba mountains, south of the 98.
We got on 98 at Brockman and headed west.  I had many maps but none really showed which “road” might be the best to head south on. 

We decided on Old Customs road, checked in with an agent, who we would see several times through out the day and headed in.

 The border there has no real fence, only tank trap style vehicle barriers. The terrain is barren and rugged and the distance to the highway in a couple of rough miles on foot.

I drove to the west end of the border road. Then turned around and drove all the way to the other end

  ….where a gate diverts you north and out to 98 at “Exit 4”

 Total length of the border road is 10.5 miles.  I have maps and GPS coordinates now if anyone is interested.

 I drove west on the 98 to the Crucifixion Thorn entrance and drove southwest.

 This looks to be about the last shortest way to the border in that area.  At the end of the road is a gravel pit where people can camp and shoot. 

The I entered the border area at “Exit 7” which dumped me right back out at the western end of the border fence again.  I turned back to the east and noticed I was being watched.

I turned north on the old Customs road then made a series of turns to the west and south before coming up on the Sky Tower.

 Man, I want one of these!
Anyway we connected the major dots but there are a lot of little roads and trails which bear closer scrutiny.  I found a couple of areas which might be good spots to camp and observe, but this time of year it’s strictly night ops out there.  Too hot and barren.  It would be a great place for a scope truck.
Hot Shot and I headed home and were treated to a sniffin’ from a four legged agent at our last BP checkpoint.

I hope to be back on the line in my usual area of operations very soon.
Be safe
Stay vigilant

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