U.S. Evolutions AAR 13-14MAY09

Here's more from my friends at U.S. Evolutions. Wish I could've been with them.  Y'all keep up the good work!
Wednesday 5-13-09 – Thursday 5-14-09
We worked another area off site from our normal location and spotted/reported a group of 10 over night.  We put Border Patrol Agents on their sign but they elected to leave the work for day shift (pictures and videos withheld for security purposes).  We continued work on our fence the next day adding another 40' of chain link up to a busy crossing point.  Razor wire will be added next and a nearby gate will be improved and secured.  At least one group crossed at this location and was video'd by one of our trail cameras as they climbed back south over the border fence possibly after crossing a group.  There was sign from several crossings in another area of our fence and our cameras recorded the time but no image due to a lack of lighting.
Video: A group of three uses a BP vehicle barrier as a step to climb the border fence.

All images copyright U.S. Evolutions, Inc. 2009.
More smuggling images are available at

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