U.S. Evolutions AAR 30APR09

Thursday 4-30-09
Smuggling activity is usually peaks around this time in our area of the border.  This year is different.  Several miles of new pedestrian fencing has been installed in San Diego Sector.  The vehicle barrier in our area has been patched and filled in preventing anyone from crawling under or walking through.  Our fence has spanned across three historically busy crossing points and is being maintained daily.  Border Patrol Agents are adapting their operations to remove the gaps in coverage that have always been exploited by smugglers.  There are more volunteers along the border effectively reporting activity than ever before.  Border residents have fortified their properties with fencing, cameras, and sensors that allow them to make more effective citizen reports.  This week there was only sign (evidence) from one group that had crossed.  It also appears that animal activity is on the rise, suggesting that securing the border may be far more beneficial to wildlife than most environmentalists would have had us believe.
This in no way means that our work at the border is complete or that smugglers have given up.  But it does prove that fencing is an effective part of any border security plan.  There are still many parts of the border that need better fencing.  The border can be secured.
More video and still images of smuggling activity can be viewed at including a large brown bear that is likely following the scent and trash trail left by illegal aliens and drug smugglers.

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