Border addendum 3-5APR09 and weekend update

Saturday morning, 11APR09, I loaded my newly built, California legal M4 in my truck and headed off to meet Bravo 6 Actual for further accessorizing and additional operation instructions. Bravo 6 Actual took weeks of M16 armory training in the Marine Corps as well as a Colt armory course after his discharge.
 On the way I was to first meet and have coffee with another friend of mine. In the area where I was to meet him there is an Alcoholics Anonymous club.  I was barely into my first cup of coffee when I heard a loud thud in the parking lot followed by truck’s alarm going off. I was dismayed and angered to find an inebriated woman’s vehicle wedged into the right front bumper of my truck.

She denied being drunk but was clearly functioning at a diminished capacity. I called the local police who allowed a family member to drive the woman home and towed away her car.

 Her vehicle had fresh signs of an earlier impact in the rear and well as multiple “whiskey dents” all over it. I was tempted to remove the M4 from the locked tool box and do a little target practice on her car right there in the parking lot, but came to my senses and exercised restraint.  Damage was minimal to my truck and it remains driveable though the headlights, bumper an grill are a bit cattywompus.
I proceeded to my rendezvous with Bravo 6 Actual.  He installed a 4 rail handguard and a front grip, staked the buttstock and lubed the weapon for me. 

Then I headed to the range to shoot it for the first time.
I was warned of jams as it had never been fired and was very tight.  I broke open the weapon as I am required to do in the Democratic Peoples Republic of California and loaded 10 rounds in the fixed magazine one a time. What a stupid pain in the ass.

First rattle out of the barrel (actually NOT out of the barrel) it jammed, trying to double feed.  Had California, in it’s infinite wisdom, not required me to have a fixed magazine I could have dropped the mag and cleared the malfunction easily.  As it was it was a bit more difficult.
After that the M4 functioned flawlessly and I fired 60 rounds of premium Remington FMJ through it with zero problems.

 Then I headed back to meet Bravo 6 who instructed me on disassembly, cleaning, lubrication and reassembly.

I was greeted at home with and e-mail from FN9 who was on hand for the previous weekends border ops.  She refreshed my apparently failing memory on some of the events and added details to action I was not privy to.  Below are her two paragraphs, posted with her permission and slightly edited  for the sake of safety and confidentiality.
I have also inserted them in the appropriate places in my AAR below, as well as doing a little editing on my own report.
FN9’s addendum is welcomed and I remind any parties involved to feel free to contact me if you dispute my accounts on this blog or are unhappy with my reporting.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank MudButt, a patriot whom I have never met, for the welcomed and much needed contributions.  Mudbutt mailed me a box of valuable surplus gear as well as a gas card! 

Completely unsolicited and very timely.  Thank you very much MudButt.   You are a patriot of the highest order.
He also sent me a package for Horsepuckies, which I will deliver personally the next time I go to the border.
Those of you who frequent this blog know that I do not solicit contributions.  That does not mean I will not accept them.  I am gradually going broke doing these border missions.  If you would like to contribute in any way please e-mail me and I will tell you how you can help.  I also have some shirts and stuff on sale at these sites.

Every little bit helps.
  But the best contribution you could make would be to join me, or other patriots in your area and help secure our nation’s porous frontiers.
 I look forward to being back on the border very soon. Until then be vigilant.

1. RE: 3APR09  It would have been OK to mention the Mexican 4-5 vehicle convoy that was openly dropping people off at the fence.  Also, there were more than spotters on 241, there was a group.  “Hard Charger” and I headed up 241 when only 2 were visible.  By the time we were half way up, there were 7 visible.  At the top, the head count was 10+.  After we reported that, there was at least 4, Infidel, Beast and Miramar joined myself and Hard Charger at the top.  Miramar and I did some decoy action while the others moved in closer to their hiding spot.  As you know, one of our guys, who’s name will go un-mentioned here, lit up Infidel (AFTER we had told him we had people still up there) and it brought things to a close. I just wanted to point out that the activity was a bit more than "the spotters were vanquished".  It was the efforts of 5 people and consumed several hours of great teamwork.

2. RE: 4APR09 : Evening activities–Just a bit of correction of details. Beast and Infidel were actually on the couch trail with me and Hard Charger when I spotted the 2 TBSing. The 3 guys charged down to intercept while I radioed Patriot 5 to call BP and watch our vehicles.  Then I ran down right behind the guys.  All 4 of us were involved in "gift wrapping" them.  Additionally, 1 of them had injured his knee and leg while escaping the BP earlier.  As I am Red Cross Professional Rescuer certified and a member of MCDC SAR Team, I checked it out (soft tissue damage, cuts, scrapes) and gave minor ( and minimal) field treatment (elevated the knee and lower leg)

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