Border Update 3-5APR and editorial

I departed my home 20 around 0720 after having cleared the shelves of .223 at the local  Walmart. ( a single box of 50 rounds). On the way to the border I listened to G. Gordon Liddy interview Al Garza and Carmen Mercer of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC).  I was about 65 degrees when I left the C1 compound.  I arrived in Jacumba about 0930 to gale force winds and a 47 degree temperature.
After gassing up the Uno Mobile and evacuating copious amounts of caffeinated beverages I headed to Camp Vigilance. 

Once there I set about servicing Godzilla, off loading camping and survival gear to be stowed in my makeshift RV.   I dumped an extra five gallons of storage treated gas in it and the mean green border machine started right up. 

I also installed a security camera in the cab.

 Then I threw on several layers of thermals and prepared to head for the border at Red Shank.  Before leaving I visited with FN9, a longtime border observer with BPAUX and MCDC. Then I helped another BPAUX agent raise Old Glory.

 The agent, call sign Charlie Oscar 1, followed me for a tour of areas he was unfamiliar with.
1250:  We left Camp Vigilance and headed through Tierra Del Sol to the border road entrance at Red Shank.  There I stopped to speak with a BP agent.

 I informed him of my mission and route and asked his permission to remove my Mini-14 from it’s locked and stowed position in my toolbox to it’s locked and loaded position in the rack in my cab.  He said, “No problem.”  Then he informed us of a group that was forming in between Red Shank and the high point to the west.

 On our way we saw no sign of the would be intruders, but as we approached the east rim of Smith canyon Charlie Oscar 1 observed a red pickup on the south side of the fence which fled to the west when it was spotted. I phoned Kingfish as a courtesy as we passed below his position and informed him of the red truck which by then was out of view.
 We proceeded on through Smith and La Gloria canyons with no contacts, I showed Charlie Oscar 1 the hill on the west side of Smith where I got shot at from Mexico two years ago and told him the tale of the load of dope the men where trying to get past me.  We stopped at the 138 and I showed him the face carved in the rock there.  Then he headed off down Forest gate and back to Camp V to deploy with elements of the MCDC.  I continued on to the west.
1500-I stopped at Zuellners High Point and to my surprise view brand new bulldozed roads in Mexico.

 There were two roads plowed north from the Pemex which joined into one and stopped south of the border fence.  It looked like a new “port of entry” being planned.

 Very interesting and puzzling. About 1530 I headed back to the Donut Hole where I sat until 1840. While there I heard two interesting reports on the radio.  The first was of a large cocaine bust on the 8 at the Pine valley BP checkpoint, a scant few miles to my north.  The bust was facilitated by a trusty K9.
 The other news story was about a 16 year old American girl busted smuggling illegals at a San Diego checkpoint in a truck painted to look like a Keiwitt truck, one of the border fence building contractors.
36 called me to say he was hung up in Point Loma and would be unable to deliver the US Evo Thermal device to me that evening.  We chatted for a while and then I got another call, this time from Weasel, informing me that he was in route.
 At 1840 I rolled east and met up with a familiar BP agent east of the Point.  We shot the shit for a while and he  asked if I had seen anything unusual.  I told him I had seen no activity but informed him of the new Mexican roads east of the Cap Rock.  He had not seen them and left in that direction.
1900-Roll east to the 141. Encountered 2 BP ATV agents.
2000- Bp Agent informs me of spotters on the 241
2200-Met with Patriot 5’s crew at the Point, along with Viking and Weasel. Elements dispersed to the east and west as well as to the top of 241 where the spotters were vanquished.
New edit from C1I can't believe I forgot to mention that while I was driving to the 241 with FN9, Charlie Oscar1 and Hard Charger following me I spotted a flashlight moving on the south side of the fence.  I got out and peered through the fence to see two vehicles heading south down the ranchita road.  They dropped off a group and returned periodically.  Below is FN9's AAR of the evening's events:
RE: 3APR09  It would have been OK to mention the Mexican 4-5 vehicle convoy that was openly dropping people off at the fence.  Also, there were more than spotters on 241, there was a group.  “Hard Charger” and I headed up 241 when only 2 were visible.  By the time we were half way up, there were 7 visible.  At the top, the head count was 10+.  After we reported that, there was at least 4, Infidel, Beast and Miramar joined myself and Hard Charger at the top.  Miramar and I did some decoy action while the others moved in closer to their hiding spot.  As you know, one of our guys, who’s name will go un-mentioned here, lit up Infidel (AFTER we had told him we had people still up there) and it brought things to a close. I just wanted to point out that the activity was a bit more than "the spotters were vanquished".  It was the efforts of 5 people and consumed several hours of great teamwork.

I set up at the 138  primarily to view the east, but periodically observed the 239.

I observed no activity. But caught the occasional curious smell of smoke.  Patriot 22 informed by radio that Mexicans had a bonfire burning in La Gloria on the south side of the fence. Apparently they roasted wienies and went home.  I roasted no hot dogs but went “home” to Godzilla about 0120 4APR09
4APR09-Training Day
I woke up at 0600 to a brisk 32 degree morning. Luckily there was no wind.  I hit the line and met Infidel and Beast there. There was frost on the ground and my thermometer read 25 degrees!  It would warm up later.
I then proceeded to a clandestine location to receive special weapons and tactics training.
I was honored to be amongst so many veterans of our armed forces as well as veteran border observers.

 They put us through our paces and left us with many new rifle skills to be taken home and practiced.

 Tactical reloads, speed reloads, hammered pairs, controlled pairs, failure drills, Mozambique drills and buddy pair rushes were the order of the day.

 I also received much needed training and information in the care and operation of the M4, though my all the parts for my own “California legal” M4 hadn’t arrived yet.

 I performed the drills with my customized and CA legal Mini-14.

By 1815 we were back at the Point. There were spotters on the 241 and patriot 5 asked for volunteers to storm the hill.  None of his guys, nor myself, were anxious to make the climb.  Speaking for myself I was tired and sore from the days training.  Red Army and Golf 1 stepped up to the plate, followed shortly thereafter by Weasel..  The vanquished the invaders and remained on the cold windy hilltop until after 2300.
At some point in the evening 16 illegals had slipped through, according to BP.  14 were caught by BP at the 94 and 2 TBSed, heading back to the Tank trap where Beast and Infidel were positioned. FN9, positioned above the Tank trap at the couch trail and armed with a superior night vision device, spotted the two and informed Infidel and Beast of their impending arrival. The two dedicated border observers had the two invaders on the ground gift wrapped for BP who arrived shortly thereafter and hauled them away.
New edit (insertion) from C1: Below is FN9's more detailed account of the evening's events. Though I was nearby,  I was monitoring a different frequency and was unaware of the details at the time.
RE: 4APR09 : Evening activities–Just a bit of correction of details. Beast and Infidel were actually on the couch trail with me and Hard Charger when I spotted the 2 TBSing. The 3 guys charged down to intercept while I radioed Patriot 5 to call BP and watch our vehicles.  Then I ran down right behind the guys.  All 4 of us were involved in "gift wrapping" them.  Additionally, 1 of them had injured his knee and leg while escaping the BP earlier.  As I am Red Cross Professional Rescuer certified and a member of MCDC SAR Team, I checked it out (soft tissue damage, cuts, scrapes) and gave minor ( and minimal) field treatment (elevated the knee and lower leg)

I had sat at the Donut hole most of the night and was beginning to nod off.  At 2330 I pulled off the line and headed back to Camp Vigilance.
Sunday there was Tracking training scheduled but I chose not to attend.  I need the training but needed to get home, unpack and nurse my aching bones even more.
Monday night after work I resumed my participation in a local LEA’s community civilian police academy.
Tuesday my remaining M4 parts arrived from J&T Distributing.
Thursday I took my all accumulated M4 parts to Bravo 6 Actual, my FFL dealer and master gunsmith, who assembled a complete “California Legal” M4 in about 20 minutes.

It’s a beautiful weapon but with the fixed 10 round magazine and the subsequent need to break the weapon open to load it will be less than handy for border duty.  I will stick with my Mossberg 590 or the Mini 14 for most ops, with my handy Glock 36 by my side.

Certain events of the weekend necessitate the need to remind each and everyone of us, myself included, of the need for discretion. While nothing too horrible happened this weekend it could’ve been devastating and may yet have repercussions.  Sheriffs showed up en masse at the Point Saturday night and the news media was on hand at the training, both of which were directly attributable to careless chatter.

After Action Reports (AARs) are fine to a certain extent, if all parties involved agree and no ones mission or personal safety is compromised.  Personal safety is just that:  very personal.

 I always make an effort not to post pics or text which are not oked by other parties mentioned.  If you find something in this blog, which you feel is inappropriate, e-mail me and I will remove it immediately.  Prior to my AARs I routinely contact involved parties to receive permissions.  Again, If you feel I have posted something which puts you, your family or your mission in jeopardy, e-mail me immediately.  My contact info is at the top right of this page.  If you have my phone number, then by all means call me.
 Detailed public BEFORE Action Reports are never warranted and can lead to tragedy. No one is perfect.  I screw up on a regular basis,  I’m just saying let’s be more careful.
I hope to be back on the line soon and look forward to meeting up with you on a dusty border trail to be extra eyes and ears for the Border Patrol and to assist local law enforcement in any way possible.
 Be sure to read Red Army and Golf 1’s report below this one. While we were training they were kicking ass and catching illegals!
Y’all keep up the good work.
Semper Vi,

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