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While I was busy being trained by a few good men…

Two good men, namely Red Army and Golf 1 were busy rounding up invaders in the Bell Valley area of southern California.  Below is an uncharacteristically brief but comprehensive

Here are some photographs that were taken. G1 and Red Army spent most of the day on patrol in the Campo area, east to Smith canyon. After about 1500hrs they moved out to the west, past Bell Valley and within sight of the eastern edge of Tecate. It was in this area from a high position that they noticed four men just on the South side of the fence moving through a wash (G1 spotted them which was awesome given the long range). Three had backpacks, the fourth appeared to be carrying a rifle. They were kept under observation and were seen to join up with a large group (at least 25 individuals) heading east through the same wash, moving at a rapid rate in single file line. A nearby BP agent was informed and called it in. That large group laid up under heavy oak tree cover about 100 meters south of the fence in a wash at the west end of Bell Valley.

While on patrol in Bell Valley the two patriots also discovered a fake "Permenant US Resident" Mexican ID card. When shown to a BP agent, the agent referred to it as "a Tecate special" laughingly and then told them to keep it as a "border souvenir". As the two patrolled east again out of Bell Valley and toward Bell Canyon, they conversed with two BP agents as four IA's were spotted and brought in (they were not part of the larger group spotted earlier).

Patrolling east still, with intent to return to the Campo sector, as the two patriots were between the former construction yard at the east edge of Bell Canyon and the west side of Cap Rock, they noticed a large group of people laying flat in the brush trying to avoid detection between the border road and the new security fence on the USA side. Realizing they were spotted the group broke and fled, about 10 individuals at least fleeing west along the new border fence before they could find a place to TBS into Mexico. Three other individuals of that group were apprehended by the BP.

At this point the two patriots continued east along the border road until they met up with additional patriots.

That concludes the Red Army Report

I am in the process of of composing my own AAR
Thanks for your support!


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  1. Great stuff.

    May 7, 2009 at 00:14

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