Our 2nd Amendment right is precious


I have been suffering from a cold for a couple of weeks now.  I had planned to get off work last night and go to bed until Bravo 6 Actual, my prime purveyor of firearms and master gunsmith, called me up and offered better medicine for what ails me then any doctor could've prescribed.  Fire the M60 and call me in the morning…..
Bravo 6 brought a wide variety of legally registered and owned weapons and to make the evening even better, he brought the family.

I have had extensive experience with AK's but I must be honest I had never fired an AR until last night,

 much less an M60

I had a blast, literally.
 In addition, we fired a Penn 37mm grenade launcher,

 and AR with a golf ball launcher,

a GSG5 .22 cal MP5 replica,

and Ruger RedHawk .44 Magnum,

 Alpha 4 test fired her Remington .223

and her son fired his .30 Carbine.

 Bravo 6's boy fire the entire compliment while on his spring break.

 I'll bet his school mates will enjoy hearing about his vacation!
As darkness set in we set up the spotlights and continued to shoot.

That reminded me that my duty on the border calls and I hope to be back on the line very soon.

Be vigilant,

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