ANOTHER UPDATE is on the way…….

I had an eventful weekend.  Took a tactical shotgun gunfighting class on 6MAR09 while remembering the Alamo, then headed for the border to work a 12 hour shift with Patriot 5's crew.
In the wee hours of the morning of 8MAR09 I had an interesting encounter with some of the San Diego County Sheriff's Dept. finest, who were only doing their sworn duty, and did an excellent job of it I might add.  These men have to deal with the scum of the earth and I am sorry they had to waste their valuable time on me. I commend them for their efforts.
(at the time of our encounter I am sure I looked, and most definately smelled, like the scum of the earth!)

Now, please stand by for a complete update in the days to follow…….

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