U. S. Evolutions AAR

The post below is from my friends at U.S. Evolutions. U.S. Evolutions after action reports are edited so that their positions and that of their clients cannot be ascertained.


Subject: 1-30-09 After Action Report

Border Patrol Agents conveyed that a Sonoran based drug cartel has moved into the area.  It was learned that at a recent meeting, orders were given to smugglers by the cartel representatives stating that they are not to lose any more loads on the north side.  They were told to cross with long arms, grenade launchers and wear body armor.  We will begin placing hidden cameras in remote locations to attempt to document any such incursions in California.  With the recent picture of an armed individual obtained 20 miles north of the border in a drug smuggling area near Sonora; this claim does have some proof. 

Video: This edited piece shows the individual climbing the fence south bound, covering his tracks while walking backwards across the road, and ultimately getting picked up by a vehicle that met him on the south side. 


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