Celebrating the 2nd Amendment

While we still can……

 Weekend 2nd Amendment  update part 2

SUNDAY 1FEB09   Shoot-n-Scoot

The weather conditions still being quite favorable (you gotta love that global warming, eh?) not only for shooting but for riding my scooter, I packed my Glock 36 and took off to the desert to combine two of my favorite pastimes.
I met a friend of mine out there who was in a car and therefore able to carry a few more weapons than I. He had purchased a variant of the Squires Bingham Model 16 from the same supplier where I purchased mine.  I had first pick and wanted the plan Model 16 pictured in my previous post.  My friend got one with a larger forearm piece and a telescoping stock. 

It was fun to shoot but I like mine better.  Interesting how quiet these little .22s are.  My son's Ruger 10/22 has a much louder report.
 He also brought his Marlin Camp 9.  It's a 9mm carbine that uses Smith and Wesson model 59 magazines. 

They also used to make a Camp .45 which uses 1911 magazines.  I'm keeping my eyes out for one of those.  Both rifles have been discontinued. Pity.
  I fired a box of rounds through my Glock 36.

 I have retired my Glock 19 as a carry weapon and the  36 fills the role nicely.  It fits my hand well, is easily concealable and fits in the 19 holsters. The trade off is that the 19 carries more rounds (9mm) but 7 rounds of  the much more powerful .45ACP should make up for it.
 My Honda XR400 continues to function flawlessly.  Honda never made a street legal version of it so all the accessories you see, including the street legal Baja Kit were after market items.

 Now, all those in favor of taking away our precious right to keep and bear arms raise your right hand.

And here is my response.

Be vigilant, enemies both foreign and domestic have recently been spotted at the border, as well as in the body politic.
I hope to see you on our porous southern frontier in the next few days,
 Semper Vi,


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