Celebrating the 2nd Amendment

While we still can…………

 This time of year my parents drive their RV out from Texas to visit and to get away from the cedar pollen.  As is tradition my Pa and I go out and shoot together.  We had a great day.  The weather was sunny and warm and there was no wind. We had a great time just plinkin' and shootin' the shit.
 For Christmas my spousal unit gave me a gift certificate to my local gun shop.  I used it to purchase a new, never been fired, 80's vintage Squires Bingham Model 16. 

It's a .22 that they tried to make look like an AR 15.  They came close, but not quite.  Anyway, it's a fun  and accurate little rifle to shoot and a conversation piece.  Armscor bought out Squires Bingham and still sells this item as the M1600.

I also picked up a cheap used Universal M1 Carbine

This is not a true military model, but rather a civilian unit that never saw combat and, I suspect, probably wouldn't stand up too well to the rigors of warfare.  Universal was bought out by Iver Johnson who continued making the little .30 carbine until sometime in the 90s.  It was a fun gun to shoot as well.

 My Pa brought his Browning BL22 lever action .22.  It's a beautiful little weapon which I unfortunately did not get a picture of and the picture on the link does not do it justice.
 He also brought his Savage Model 24

I gave it to him for Christmas a few years back as he always told me of squirrel hunting with the over and under when he was a kid.  The one he used as a child was .22 over .410.  I was unable to locate an exact duplicate so the one I gave him is .22 Magnum over .410.  There were no squirrels anywhere near us. Probably a good thing for the squirrels.

 After we were done shootin' I stopped back by my friendly neighborhood firearms dealer and picked up my new Kaiser Defense AR Lower receiver. 

Golf 1 turned me on to this company which makes AR lowers for many other, more well know weapons manufacturers.  They will sell you one directly, through your local FFL of course. Yes, you will have to wait ten days and undergo a background check through DOJ if you live in California  Wouldn't want you to buy one of these in the heat of anger and beat anyone over the head with it!
  I got mine through Royal Loan, however, who also mailed it to my local gun shop, and for cheaper than Kaiser would do it directly!  Golf 1 and Red Army also referred me to this exceptional Southern California enterprise. Thanks!
 With the new administration I urge all freedom loving Americans to join the NRA.  They are the largest lobby for our precious 2nd amendment rights.  I would also recommend joining your state's local equivalent, which, out here on the left coast, is the California Rifle  and Pistol Association.
I know I'm probably preachin' to the choir but please remember,  your right to keep and bear arms has nothing to do with shooting sports or hunting.  It's for protecting ourselves against out of control politicans.
 Ignore your rights and I assure you, they will go away.
I will be back on the border very soon. Why not get off your ass and join me?
Semper Vi,


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One response

  1. J J

    Great sit rep as usual Charlie! Those 2 and 3 hours of sleep nights bring back many memories to me. God it was awful and wonderful at the same time. Those not experiencing these things have no idea of the mental rewards, self satisfaction, and general good feelings one gets from volunteering to serve one's country as an unpaid patriot, facing down the "narcos" and smugglers from the third-world cesspool of Mexico. Hats off to you and the others participating in these patrols. You ARE appreciated! I'll see you near the end of May, if my work schedule stays on track…Will let you know if it changes. Tell 36 and the others, that J J says "HI".Your friend,J J

    February 1, 2009 at 07:45

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