Border update 16-18JAN08

  If any person on the line with me disputes my account of any events posted below or if I omitted any action or mention of any patriot, please call it to my attention and I will correct it or  I will post your AAR on this site.  All times mentioned in my reports are approximate.
 Thank you for your support.

Friday 16JAN08
0830- Met my instructor for required requalification for California Security Guard exposed firearms permit.

I was surprised and pleased to be in the company of a friend and fellow Border Patrol Auxiliary agent who was also there to requalify.

I dropped the 9mm from my permit and switched it to .38/.357

 Kept the .45ACP but used my new Glock 36, rather than my 21.

 Little did I know the Mountain Minutemen had set up a range at the Horsepuckies ranch and were simultaneously sharpening their marksmanship skills.
Miramar took the photo below and below that is a photo of Miramar, who served with us on the line all weekend.

1250- Hot Shot and I departed our home 20.  Viking called on my cell to inform us he had already taken up position at the grassy knoll.
1400- Arrived at Camp Vigilance and added layers of clothing for night operations. Tinkered with Godzilla and visited with the camp caretaker.
1510-departed Camp Vigilance
1600-met Wildcard and Miramar at Patriot Point.  36 showed up shortly after that and, after visiting a while 36 made me an offer I could not refuse.  He said I would be allowed, if I so desired, to operate the U.S. Evolutions thermal imaging scope the following evening.  I was both honored and astounded at this unprecedented offer.  Of course I accepted.
1715- 36 headed for home.  Wildcard stayed on guard at the Point.  Miramar deployed to the Donut hole.  I positioned myself at Zuellner’s High Point. (ZHP) Viking remained at the grassy knoll.
As the evening progressed Weasel, Shorty and Horsepuckies filtered in and took up various positions on the line.  An hour or two later Red Army, Golf 1, Turtle and a new man, the Colonel, arrived on the scene, geared up at Patriot Point and deployed to various postitions.
2000- I left ZHP and met the Patriot Point Posse at the 5 Star.  Men deployed to various high points and some in the bushes.  It was a quiet night.  Weasel took up his customary position in the “Weasel Hole” and I tried out a new spot away from my truck where I could view the line by the tank trap, including Weasel.  I dragged my Night vision, a spot light and a lawn chair into the weeds and sat there until the moon came up about 0030 17JAN and illuminated my position.
0100 Red Army determined that the quiet night in our immediate vicinity warranted a tunnel sweep.  He, Golf 1, Turtle, Miramar and The Colonel took off in three vehicles toward The train tunnel which burrows unguarded into Mexico.  I decided to follow and set up on the hill where I could monitor them with night vision and respond if needed.  Unfortunately I neglected to inform BP of our foray. Miramar stayed with their trucks and I parked high above, close to the old “grader spot” where I could see them all.  Almost as soon as Red Army, Golf 1, Turtle and the Colonel approached the tunnel BP responded en masse.  There are sensors at the tunnel entrance which is why we usually  call BP ahead of going there.  I was reminded swiftly of my dereliction of duty as two BP trucks swarmed in from the east.  I flagged them down and told them of our men below.  A scope truck soon followed them.  I also called Tecate BP at Forest Gate and apologized for my forgetfulness and commended them for their swift response.
After the men swept the tunnel, the trestle and the area below they returned to their trucks without incident and we all paraded out of the area.  Shorty and Weasel had long since left the line and the group planned on staying at the Horsepuckies ranch but did not know the way.  Hot Shot and I showed them the route then headed for Godzilla.
0345- Arrived back at Camp V
0430- Lights out
0800- up and moving
0945-departed Camp V
1015- Back on the line, rolling west to Cap Rock and back. All clear
1100- Red Army, Golf 1, Turtle and the Colonel arrive at the donut hole as does Viking
1200- Bravo 2 arrives at the Couch position with his new Kawasaki KLR 650 in tow.
1300-Dark SUV travels at high speed east on Pemex, never emerges form the east side of the valley that feeds into the oaks.  Eventually is spotted headed back to Ranchita Rd intersection.  Heads south on Ranchita.  Is spotted talking to men at Ranchita.  Blue Ford Pickup heads north on Ranchita Rd, then east on the Pemex.  Disappears in the Bermuda triangle.  
1315 Ford returns to the Ranchita
1320 Miramar, spots two vehicles a mile or so in Mexico across from the 138.  Meanwhile the dark SUV spotted earlier repeats it’s eastward cruise, this time at a much slower pace, down the Pemex.  It slows considerably as it passes me in front of Patriot Point.  Again, It disappears to the east, only to re-emerge headed west.  It proceeds again to the intersection and heads south to the Ranchita

 1345-The two vehicles Miramar spotted then depart.  Miramar relocates to La Gloria.  Viking positions himself at Kingfishes old spot.  Weasel ascends the 241.
1425- Wildcard arrives at Patriot Point and receives sitrep.  Miramar spots what at first appears to be an empty truck with trash in the bed and no one in the cab parked on a trail in Mexico very close to the American side of the 241.  Miramar climbs on top of the RMA storage container and when he does, views a man walk out of the canyon and get into the truck.  The “trash” in back turns out to be at least have a dozen people all of whom pop their heads up when the man enters the cab of the truck.  The truck then leaves, heading south.
1445- I arrive at 141 and take up observation on top of the shade shed. 

Miramar goes into la Gloria to look for fresh sign, but finds none. Bravo 2 takes his new KLR650 on motor patrol down the new border road into La Gloria and up the other side under the watchful eyes of myself to the west and Viking to the east.

 Miramar returns from La Gloria as does Bravo 2. 

Then Kingfish comes to the 141 from the east having driven the border road from Tierra Del Sol.  He is on his way home but stops to visit.  In the meantime the Green Hornet, a Patriot Point Posse Piloted Plane does a fly by having reconned the entire border area from San Diego to La Gloria.

1530- I head for the Oaks, don my long johns for night ops then I head to Cameron Corners for gas and coffee.
1700- Viking has re-positioned to the grassy knoll. While I am making a patrol pass to the west he radios me to inform me that 36 has arrived.  I turn around at the 241 to meet 36 who has the U.S. Evolutions thermal imaging scope with him.  On my way back I meet an old BP agent friend of mine and ask him where he thinks we should set up the scope.  He names several spots but the couch trail facing the tank trap is his first choice.  Golf 1 and Turtle are dug in on foot in a rocky area for the night.
36 and I meet at the couch trail and are joined by Horsepuckies, Bravo 2, Shorty and Weasel.  36 gives me a lesson in untangling wires, making connections setting up and operating the scope. 

We leave the monitor on the ground for a while for all to see, drink coffee and shoot the shit.

I then move the monitor to the cab of my truck and 36 heads for home. 

Bravo 2 retires to the back of his van for some well deserved shut-eye. Shorty goes to the donut hole.  Mirramar to the 5 star.  Red Army to the base of the 241, Wildcard remained at the point and Viking on the grassy knoll.  Golf 1 and Turtle remained dug in on foot in a concealed area on a well used trail.  Weasel took up position, armed with NVG,  at his hole inches from Mexico by a frequently used entry point.

All evening we monitored various comings and goings at the Ranchita.  Much as we had during the day.  Staging preps were no doubt under way.
1230- Weasel spots two larges groups enter the couch trail area in Mexico the go up and disappear in the rocks on the east side of the hill across from the tank trap. Try as I may I am unable to see them on the scope and Weasel loses sight of the with the Gen 3 NVG as well.

0210- My eyes are bugged out and bleary from monitoring the thermal imaging scope for over eight hours.  I decide to pack it in.  This was good practice, disconnecting and and packing up the unit at night.  My then the moon, over half full, was up and my Gen 2+ niVG with 5x magnifier worked exceptionally well.  Unfortunately the same could not be sais for my eyes and my brain as I had had a scant 3.5 hours of sleep since Thursday night.  Bravo 2 was up by then and well rested.  I was ready to leave the area when a BP agent joined us.  He said, “You know y’all are sitting on about 27 men in two groups just across form you don’t you?”  We replied in the negative.  He continued, “Yea, they won’t cross as long as y’all are here.”  I ask him if he wanted us to leave so they would try to cross and he replied, “Hell no, they can freeze to death waiting over there for all I care!”
Good enough!
0300- Bravo 2 prowls the area below the Couch.  Hot shot and I head on foot for the rocky hill almost directly across from where the border fence caved in.  We burrow into to a spot where I can see the couch trail entrance (the caved in fence) and the low spot on the west side below Patriot Point.  Red Army, Golf 1, Turtle and the Colonel had long since headed for home as had Wildcard. Shorty, Weasel and Horsepuckies had all retired to the Horsepuckies ranch and Viking was asleep in the Oaks.  It was just Bravo 2, Hot Shot and I holding the line.  I was getting very sleepy and I think I would have nodded off in my hiding spot had Hot Shot not been so restless.  He kept nudging me and several times he bolted up right and climbed a high rock in the moonlight, giving away our position.
0415- Hot Shot and I walk east down the service road toward the low spot below Patriot Point.  All at once Hot Shot went from zero to sixty in a about three seconds and disappeared.  I had never seen him take off so quick. He never barked or growled, just bolted. He vanished in the bushes at the base of Patriot Point.  Then he came back to me almost as fast with all the hairs on his back standing straight up.  He looked at me like some demented Lassie, the took off again back in the same direction.  I called BP based solely on my dogs behavior and told them so.  An agent, apparently on patrol below the donut hole, was there in a couple of minutes.  I explained to him what the dog had done, that I had heard and seen nothing but knew there were groups close by waiting to cross.  He scouted around on foot in the area where Hot Shot had vanished.  When he and Hot Shot emerged he told me he saw no sigh of two legged entry but there was fresh sign of the four legged variety of coyote.  I apologized for the false alarm, but he, as has always been my experience anyway, told me he would rather me call in a hunch that didn’t pan out than to disregard something that might yield a capture.  We thanks each other for each others commitment to border security, he lavished praise on my dog, then he was on his way.  In Hot Shots haste I believe he did the canine equivalent of “burning rubber” when he bolted so quickly.  One of his front paw pads was raw and our walk back to the Couch trail was slow as he stopped to lick his raw paw between limping uphill beside me.
0440- Hot Sot and I had had enough and left Bravo 2 as the sole Mountain Minuteman holding down the line.
0600- I finally went to sleep, in the fifth wheel at the Horsepuckies ranch
0900- I was awakened by 36 calling and so I got up and headed to his home 20 to return the expensive thermal imaging device so graciously loaned to me by him and U.S. Evolutions.  We drank coffee, which I badly needed, and visited for a while then I was on my way
1300- I was back at Horsepuckies ranch.  Miramar, Horsepuckies, Shorty and weasel were taking a tour of Shangri la.  I catnapped in the bed of my truck soaking up the afternoon sun like a lizard on a rock.  When they returned we had a brief after action discussion and talked about the next mission. Then Horsepuckies informed me that Bravo 2 had called him earlier to report no less than 21 men turning back and dejectedly walking south out of the area we had been almost all night! Below is the e-mail from him that was in my in box when I finally made it home about 1915:

Just wanted to Pass along that from 6:15 to 7:30 A.M. Sunday no Less Than 21 Pedestrians were Seen My Me Heading South From The Couch Trail.
Congrats To All !

I hope to be back in the area soon, to capture, deter or simply make the intruders lives more difficult.  I realize the futility of what I do, and do it anyway.  I am grateful that more and more patriotic Americans are deciding to take an active part in helping secure our borders.  Special thanks to 36 and U.S Evolutions!
God Bless You All and God Bless America.
 Semper Vi,

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