Hope, Change, FENCE

 The following are two AARs from the boys at U.S. Evolutions. The men are well trained and hard workers. They regularly build fences all day then lay up at night to catch intruders.  It's an honor to have worked with these guys and to be allowed to post their reports.
U.S. Evolutions AARs are edited so that their positions cannot be ascertained.
A special thanks is posted below this one.
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Saturday 1-17-09

We had extra help on our fence project this day allowing us to nearly complete the job.  One more day will be required.  No sign from crossings was detected since our last patrol, though the south side of the border was full of footprints from people who may have attempted and failed.  Our thermal image system was deployed over night further west on the border with more civilian border watchers covering busy unfenced areas.  Crossings are definitely on the rise.  A neighbor called to report a pair that moved through my present location as I began writing this report.  I tracked them off the property and gave updates to BP.

Wednesday 1-14-09

We installed the last fence post on the current phase of our fencing project, and strung barbwire that will allow us to attach chain link and razor wire.  Three cut through holes were found.  Border Patrol Agents actually discovered one of them we had missed.  The group that cut through was observed and apprehended by BP Agents who also recovered a pair of wire cutters.  Once the group was through the fence they had no escape route from Agents who responded.  A similar situation unfolded this week in Arizona when a citizen report lead Agents to a group back packing a large load of marijuana at night.  Agents seized the narcotics but lost the entire group of traffickers in the night.  The area they crossed through has no real security fencing.

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