I had the pleasure of serving with Red Army, along with Golf 1 and Turtle, on the California/Mexican border in southeast San Diego county again this past Monday.  As usual, he has submitted an excellent, entertaining and informative AAR.  I have interspersed, in the appropriate spots, photos which I took while on duty with these men.  The photos of Red Army at the 241 monument are file photos taken on earlier missions.
I will be submitting my report in the days to come, though I will have a hard time competing with my "comrade's" eloquence.

Semper Vigilans,

Submitted for your approval:

From: The Political Department of the Red Army, Southern Front HQ

Re: Recent recce operation on Shangrila.

Comrades G1, Turtle, and Red Army departed for the Front at approximately 0730hrs. After arriving on station at Patriot Point, radio contact with Comrade C1 was established. The three comrades geared up, donning equipment that is the pride of 3rd world labor in countries to which American industry has seen fit to completely outsource its operations. Deploying along the front road, they linked up with comrades C1 and the one and only Comrade Hotshot. C1 had eyes on three persons of interest that had disappeared moving north on the south side of hill 241. A few moments later three IA's appeared on the north side of hill 241, standing plainly in the open, without the slightest attempt at concealment. A few moments later, Comrade Turtle spotted a lone person of interest well concealed in the west end of the Bermuda Triangle area.

After a quick Red Comrade's meeting in the field to discuss the situation, the five (Hotshot counts) comrades decided two things:

1.) This was a some manner of decoy on behalf of the IA's. They had no visible optics or water.

2.) For the sake of decorum I have deleted item #2- C1

From there in two trucks the Comrades deployed quickly up the east side of hill 241. Turtle and G1 made the ascent, which resulted in the the three IA's TBSing at great speed. While that was taking place, C1 and Red Army got optics on the lone person of interest back in the Bermuda Triangle. Sure enough, he was standing up, having broken cover and was speaking animatedly on his cell phone. Comrade C1 called the situation in to the local NKVD Border Guards.

Not 15 minutes later, a large Dark Blue SUV picked up the persons of interest along the Pemex road, east of the Mustang House.


Having foiled the morning attempt at decoying us, the five comrades departed that sector of the Front to conduct an anticipated recce mission on the area known as Shangrila.

In two trucks the comrades stopped at Camp V to confer map intelligence and pick up Comrade FN9 who knew the area and would act as a guide.

Traversing a plethora of dirt roads and negotiating a variety of signs and property markers, the comrades finally arrived at the site.

Shangrila can be summed up in two words: Totally fucked.

A collection of ramshackle structures and heaping piles of years worth of accumulated garbage, located in a valley not half a mile from the Frontier fence, this place is the scene of some seriously bad mojo. It is akin in many ways to the Manson Death Valley ranch.

The main structure, once cleared, revealed among the garbage a 1970's vinyl record collection that would be the envy of anyone who ever sported a mullet and drove a Trans Am. Along with that was a large amount of empty Remington .45 ACP 230 grain hollowpoint boxes, 5.56mm marked spent casings, empty .308 winchester boxes, spent .44 magnum cases, 12 gauge shells, and medical syringes still in their plastic packaging.

Comrades BE ADVISED: given the reported intel about this place being a haven for tweekers and narco smugglers, be on your guard, watch your step and consider the entire place a possible medical waste dump (as in used syringes among the garbage).

Ominously, in one structure, C1 discovered a coffee cup sitting on a stone wall still full of black coffee.

Maybe a couple of hours old at best. Behind another structure, comrade Red Army discovered a dropped cell phone, its battery and SIM card still in it.

This intelligence find is still being analyzed. Further, areas were scouted for possible future operations.

Tracks and signs of recent human presence and movement were abundant.

The comrades departed the area, and guided by comrade FN9, headed down past Boundary Peak to the reported "gun club" at the southern Frontier fence. There we conferred with the locals and got a general idea of the area. The road to the gun club past boundary peak is a lonely, wooded, isolated area. Comrades, if traveling/operating here it is wise to do so in numbers.

After returning FN9 to Camp V and offering thanks for the guidance and comradeship, C1 and Hotshot departed to rendezvous with Comrade Horsepuckies, while G1, Turtle, and Red Army departed for chow at the local casino. Inside they were greeted by the sad smell of addictive personality disorders, stale cancer sticks, fear, and trans-fats. One lady at a video poker machine repeatedly stabbed a finger at the midsection of a pixelated playing card displaying a dancing Hawaiian girl, while cursing under her breath. After the sights at Shangrila, such nonsequitor behavior was par for the course.

However, the enchiladas were as thick as the bullshit flying around the dinner table that night. No transvestites were spotted during the course of dinner. Coffee was then consumed, the ticket paid, and the comrades headed out to the front again.

The situation report that night was actually favorable for the Patriot forces, and numbered seven intrepid patriots, filled with an abiding love of their Motherland, who dedicated their time to securing a sector of the line against foreign invasion.

Comrades C1 and Hotshot patrolled mobile, as did G1, Turtle and Red Army. Comrade Big Bob and his two grandsons secured the Donut Hole and the tank traps on either side of it. After mobile operations, C1 and Hotshot secured the northwest side of 241 and the approaches to Zullner's, while comrades G1, Turtle and Red Army took position on the east side of 241 where the fence stops.

Darkened vehicles on the Pemex and Ranchita Roads were spotted, while over the radio the comrade patriots were subjected to barrages of vile language and references to their mothers. To think, these people kiss their mothers with those mouths? So rude.

NKVD Border Guards advised sometime later that the efforts of the Patriots had resulted in the foiling of groups trying to cross the frontier, with apprehensions and the others TBS'ed.

At approximately 0145 hrs, the comrades on the line all linked up at the Donut Hole and held another Comrade's meeting in the field. Two things were decided:

1.) Time to pack it in for the evening. The opponents to the south had not anticipated such determined resistance on
a Monday evening.

2.) The deletion for decorumC1 ruling still stands.

Voting was unanimous.

While the comrades all departed their separate ways, the knowledge was plain to all that the efforts of the citizenry of our Motherland must continue and increase in vigilance and selflessness if any hope of the rule of just law is to be maintained.

Won't you lend a hand, Comrade?


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4 responses

  1. Keep up the great work.

    January 2, 2009 at 13:52

  2. J J

    Charlie, You guys put out a great report again, as usual. Thanks for the service to your country. I am planning on being out there sometime in May. I have a two week job to do in San Diego, and will spend all my off-time on the good old "Campo Line'! See you then. Your friend and fellow patriot,J J

    January 2, 2009 at 17:34

  3. It will be great to see you again, JJ!

    January 3, 2009 at 13:29

  4. Thanks JJ! As May approaches please give me a heads up ahead of time, so I can arrange to be there on a weekend when you're there.

    January 3, 2009 at 20:09

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