Agent Luke Dithrich

  Saturday 27DEC08:
Man, I don't know how I missed this. I just received the information posted below from my old friend and fellow border watcher 36. Sounds like its a miracle that Luke is alive.  Thanks to 36 for passing along this info.

 Please go to Luke's blogs for updates:

On October 27th at approx. 11:30 p.m. Luke was on his motorcycle on his way to work for the Border Patrol in San Diego. The San Diego police received calls that there was a guy driving down the wrong side of the road, so the police were pursuing him. He attempted to hit one guy on a motorcycle but that guy saw him coming and was able to pull over. This guy saw Luke & intentionally swerved to hit him. The cop said they've booked this guy with everything. . . attempted murder, deadly weapon, etc. the cop believes that he was NOT intoxicated and he may not have any drugs in his system. The guy showed NO remorse for what he had done. And the cop assured us that he will do everything in his power to get this guy locked up for good.

**Luke Dithrich Benefit Account**

An account has been set up at First National Bank of PA for Luke's current and future medical needs, therapy, and expenses. You may donate to this fund at any First National Bank of PA branch or by mail.

Donations can be mailed to: First National Bank – Cochranton Branch – 128 West Adams Street – Cochranton, PA 16314 – Attn: Luke Dithrich Benefit Account.

**Agent Luke Dithrich Fund**

The US Border Patrol Imperial Station has opened an account for Luke. If you would like to make a donation you can do so at any Cabrillo branch, or by mail.
Send to: Cabrillo Credit Union
re: Agent Luke Dithrich Fund
10075 Carroll Canyon Rd
San Diego, CA 92131

If you'd like to send a card or gift to the Dithrich family:

Sharp Rehabilitation Center
Attn: Luke Dithrich
Room 142-1
2999 Health Center Drive
San Diego, CA 92123

(858) 939-4722

Donating Blood for Luke

What we have found out about donating blood for Luke is that as far as the Central Blood Bank is concerned, the blood must be donated in the San Diego area to the BP01 account. We don't know if blood can be given through the Red Cross and credited to Luke. If we find out more it will be posted here.

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