Update 21-22DEC08

Holiday Wishes from Hot Shot and I are posted in the previous entry. Hope ya'll had a good'n. 

Border Update 21-22DEC08

  Hot Shot and I left home about 1100 on Sunday21DEC08.  We arrived in Jacumba at 1300, topped off the gas tank and empty our bladders.  Then we headed for Camp Vigilance.  There was still snow on the ground  in spots from Jacumba to Boulevard.

The purpose of our mission was two fold, to meet up with Horsepuckies, Shorty, Red Army and Golf1 in an effort to assist the Border Patrol in protecting the porous southern frontier and to replace the cracked and flattened right front tire on Godzilla.  The latter was achieved, the former was an abbreviated effort which was ultimately aborted due to the weather.  Horsepuckies has always maintained that mother nature hates him.  I am beginning to think that, perhaps by association, her dislike extends to me as well.
  We arrived at Camp Vigilance shortly before 1400.  The 24/7 Camp V Watchman was good enough to loan us his floor jack, an offer I would take him up on the following morning.  In the days prior to this mission I was able to procure a good used 32X11.50R15LT to replace the deteriorated one on Godzilla’s right front. 

The Watchman and I discussed old trucks and me having somewhat of a soft spot for Dodge trucks,  (I used to shovel hog feed from the back of a 67 Power Wagon on weekends as a kid) he showed me his ’59 Dodge pickup.

I wonder if my Dakota will still be running in fifty years.  I kinda doubt it.  In fact, I wonder if there will even still be a Dodge in the future, the way things are going.
 By 1430 we were on our way to the Horsepuckies ranch.  I was glad to see Horsepuckies but sorry to find out I had missed Shorty who had already headed home.  Horsepuckies had to feed the livestock and the dogs usually run along beside his longhorn endowed golf cart.  Hot Shot was invited to join along but declined to run beside. That boy loves to ride!

  Horsepuckies and Shorty had done some recon of the Shangri la area where we were supposed to work the next day and night. Alas, mother nature had other plans.
  The three photos below were taken by Horsepuckies in the days prior to my arrival.

  I decided to take Horsepuckies generous offer of staying in the heated 5th wheel on the ranch rather than going back to Godzilla.  The heavy rains and winds of the recent past, however, had taken there toll on the old rig and so I set about weatherproofing her and drying out the contents.  Then I moved many boxes of donated goods into the horse trailer with the rest of the Mountain Minutemen equipment and covered it all up with a tarp.
 Satisfied that Hot Shot and I could come back to a dry warm abode we set off for the border at Campo.  No sooner than we turned onto the border road from Forest Gate and headed west and BP Agent approached and said they had scoped at least four men preparing to cross somewhere near the tank trap.  I asked what would be the most beneficial tactic for me to use to assist BP and the agent suggested I sit at Bravo2’s favorite spot by the couch trail.  The time was 1840
I used my nightvision to scan the tank trap area below while Hot Shot patrolled the general vicinity.  I saw no movement except for the eventual BP shift change, which left us alone for and hour or two.  I settled on to a rock beside the range fence with a good view of the area below and Hot Shot got back in the truck.  From time to time I thought I heard movement behind the border fence directly to my south. Around 1930 Hot Shot confirmed my suspicions as he leaped from his position in the truck and let loose a loud, demonic growl.  The movement on the other side of the fence increased momentarily and then ceased.
Bored with my static position I left the couch trail on patrol to the east as the next BP shift filtered into the area via the border and G roads.  I rolled east to the 141 and found Mad Max sitting at the 140 flat spot.  He waved at me, which makes me think he mistook me for an agent, as he has been less than friendly of late.  Nevertheless I was glad to see him on guard.
  When I rolled back to the west I found BP all over the area north of the tank trap, in trucks and on foot.  I suspect the men on the south had taken my departure as an invitation to make their crossing.  I hope the agents caught the invaders but I never confirmed this.
  I took the substantial number of Agents in the area as my own invitation to depart and by 2300 it was lights out for Hot Shot and I in the heated 5th wheel back at the Horsepuckies spread.
I was up at 0600 and by 0700 I was on the move back to Camp Vigilance to change the dilapidated tire on Godzilla.

  I removed the tire and headed for Rich’s automotive by the Boulevard BP station.  It was closed at 0800.  I went back to Benny’s, the place I had used in the past for emergency truck repairs, but it too was closed.  I drove back and forth between the two but apparently neither opened at 0800 on a cold Monday morning.  I decided to drive to Campo or on to Portrero to see if there was anyone who could mount a tire.  On the way I decided to have a healthy breakfast consisting of a banana, green apple, almonds and EmergenC vitamin drink.  I had an unprecedented and what I deemed a fairly severe allergic reaction to one of the ingested items.  My nose clogged solid and swoll up and my eyes got swollen as well.  My throat began to tighten.  I pulled over and then considered driving a mile or two to the Campo Fire Station for emergency services but the conditions abated somewhat so I headed back to Boulevard.  I found Benny’s to be open still suffering from the reaction I was surprised I could barely speak!  I left the tire at Bennys and headed back to the border at Campo.
 By then the allergic reaction to my “healthy” breakfast had subsided. (I think it’s biscuits and gravy from now on) but the weather had begun to severely deteriorate.  Heavy fog rolled in as I rolled up on the border road.  I was surprised to find a helicopter had landed just west of the PCT monument.

  Seems SDG&E had been doing an aerial survey of the lines but decided to abort due to steadily deteriorating weather. 

A service truck arrived to gas up the bird and then it was on it's way.

 I set up at the 127 turnout after rolling down to Zuellner’s and back.

 No sooner than I had parked the fog got even thicker and it began to rain.  I could not even see the 241 directly in front of me.

Now, I have caught invaders sneaking in during heavy fog, but not in steady rain.  After sitting and hour or so I decided to abort.  I spoke with Red Army on the phone who had also aborted the mission as the rain in his home area was steady as well.  And so we set off for Boulevard to retrieve the tire.

In heavy rain we got the tire mounted on Godzilla, throwing my lower back out in the process. 

Then I added some tranny fluid and some Fix Flat in the other three tires for good measure then drove the beast once around Camp Vigilance. 

Then Hot Shot and I headed home.

 It’s hell getting old. Though my excruciating allergic reaction remains a mystery,  my achin’ back has plagued me intermittingly since a day at football practice in 7th grade.  But neither compares to the pain I feel as I watch my country and it’s sacred Constitution destroyed both from within and without.  I sometimes wonder if a border guard detail around Washington DC might be more effective than trying to guard our porous frontiers.  Sitting in the rain and fog feet from the border, I felt kind of stupid.  But not as stupid and useless as if I had chosen to do nothing.  What will you tell the ones you love when they ask what you did to insure the future of America?  Some of you served in the military.  I cannot thank you enough for your service to our country.  I did not serve in any branch and perhaps it assuages my guilt somewhat to serve on the border, at least one weekend a month as I have done almost without exception since August 2005.  Can you commit to one weekend a month for your country?  Whether it be at the keyboard, on the front line, at the rallies or day labor sites you must do something!  Your Country and Constitution needs you!
Obviously just voting is not enough.  The fix is in.  Just take a look at what’s going on in Minnesota and remember what Joseph Stalin said,
“It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
 I plan on being back on the line on Martin Luther King weekend, if not sooner.  “I have a dream” that we take this country back from the liberal socialist scum that aims to destroy it and all it stands for.  Observing the border not only aids the Border Patrol, but is a form of protest. Won’t you join us?
Semper Vigilans,

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