“Horsepuckies” Report

It is an honor to have guest bloggers on this page.  Especially Patriots I work with who are faster  than I at getting their AARs done.  It is with pleasure that I present to you;

Thanksgiving Weekend AAR

Well we had alot of folks show this weekend but not much action. First to show up was Charlie1. He checked in Wednesday and stayed in the border area or Houser Canyon area until Saturday. Most came in on friday morning and we gathered here at the ranch untill about noon when we all headed for Cameron Corners to meet with Bravo2,Merlin and Bobby. We waited until about 1 oclock but Merlin and Bobby didn't show so we convoyed to Houser Canyon. I lead the convoy ,Shorty and Weasel behind me in Shortys truck then Wildcard then Lardog with Bravo 2 at the end. We pulled right up to the south rim of the canyon and spent about 30 minutes stratagizing placement of vehicles and people. B2 then reconed to the bottom of the canyon while I reconned another road which turned out to be a dead end. Because Shorty has the best radio he stayed near the forest service gate at the west end of the road where he could communicate by radio with all of us and still stay in touch via cell phone with Border Patrol Tecate.
While B2 and I were reconning the bottom of the canyon, Lardog found the fresh prints of about 6 people moving towards Shortys position and followed the tracks until determining that they had been made before our arrival.
After reconing the dead end road near the canyon floor I returned to the top of the mountain about a mile east of Shortys position but determined that radio coms were sporadic at best up there so I went back to the south rim road and headed west toward where we had entered the area. On the way back ,Freckles who was riding shotgun with me ,went ballistic signaling the nearness of a stranger in the area. I stopped ,let her out of the truck and she raced to the edge of a nearby 100 ft deep ravine barking like crazy. At this time B2 rolled up behind my truck and Freckles abandoned pursuit to run and say hello to B2. It was then that I heard rocks falling and a voice coming from the ravine. It is really frustrating to know that there are illegals in the bottom of the ravine but my old candyass could not possibly catch them in that kind of terrain. Feeling a little like a tit on a boar hog I drove back to the ranch to feed horses cattle and other critters. On the way out of the area I ran into C1,Merlin and Bobby on their way in. They had all been in touch with Shorty on the radio so knew where to go and where to set up.
As I returned from critter feeding I passed Wildcard and Lardog who had setup about 1/4 mile apart on the entrance road and about 1/2 mile from the south rim of the Canyon. I then passed C1 who had set up just about 50 feet from the canyon rim. About 1/2 mile east of C1 I passed Merlin and Bobby also setup about 50 feet from the rim. I then proceeded down to the bottom of the canyon to see if Freckles could pickup the scent of the illegals she had flushed from the ravine up above earlier in the day.
The canyon is nearly 1000 feet deep in some areas but only about 100 feet wide at the bottom and full of old oak, willow and sycamore trees. Very pretty but almost impossible to see through at night. In some areas of the bottom, the canyon wall rises almost vertically and the old trees have grown over the road so that you are traveling through a tunnel of sorts. The effect is spooky at night, looking like a typical halloween scene. I shut the truck engine and headlights off and Freckles and I just enjoyed the atmosphere for awhile ,until she started barking and I turned on a spotlight to see . Finding nothing in the trees or brush at the bottom of the canyon we headed back to the top and heard Shorty ,on the radio,saying somthing about transporting to Campo.
As we got back into Radio range with Shorty He informed me that an illegal had turned himself in to B2. Shorty had requested a BP agent to take the man into custody but was informed that BP had no agents available to respond. BP then requested that we bring the man into the Campo station on our own.
I have NEVER heard of ANY MM group ever being asked to transport an illegal before. To me this says alot about the trust that we have established with BP. Thank you all for your dedication and professionalism.
Because everyones truck was full of camping gear and other things ,I volunteered to take the man into Campo station. Weasel rode with me to prevent any problems. When we arrived in Campo, I flagged a major in the office near the cage while Weasel unloaded our passenger. The major thanked us and stated that we had probably saved this mans life. He was injured, out of food and lost when he turned himself in to B2. I told the Major that we would send him a bill then Weasel and I headed back to the canyon.
After dropping Weasel off and BSing with B2 and Shorty for a few minutes I positioned myself about 1/2 south of C1s position. C1 had traded places with Wildcard because she had heard gunshots and voices [probably hunters] just east of her position.
I stayed hidden in an oak grove until about midnight then radioed Shorty to tell him I was to old and tired for this kind of stuff so ,I was going home to my whisky bottle and bed. C1 and Shorty also left at that time but Shorty had the guilts for leaving the rest of our group by themselves.
For those who are not aware,, Shorty is a diabetic. Without the proper amount of sleep and the correct foods he will get deathly ill. So take it easy on the old fart. I, however have no such excuse. I simply put any guilt about leaving early in my back pocket ,and sit on it. C1 had been hard at border watching for nearly three days by the time we left and needs no excuse.
Saturday morning while I took care of ranch chores, Shorty met most of our group in Portrero for breakfast. Lardog,C1 and B2 had to leave from there to go home and I met the rest of the group at Patriot Point.
While wildcard and Merlin kept watch at the point and Couch trail Bobby,Weasel,Shorty and I took a quick Tecate cruise to check on the progress of the new fence. Progress is good. They have fenced over and across hils,ravines,gullys and canyons ,where I never thought I would see a fence.
When we returned from the cruise, Wildcard,Shorty and Weasel had to head home and I had to go feed critters again. I returned to the border just after dark to find Merlin and Bobby all set up to spend the night on the Couch trail. We BSed for awhile and I was headed over to set up at the 5 Star area when I stopped to talk to a couple of agents. The agents informed me that they along with two other trucks, were on special assignment to cover the area I was headed to. Knowing that Bobby and Merlin would not be alone on the border ,I went home and broke the seal on a bottle of Seagrams that Shorty had given me then slept like a log.
I met Merlin and Bobby for breakfast at the Campo diner Sunday morning and within an hour we had solved most of the the politcal and finacial problems of the country. Now if we could just get 300 million more folks to see things our way, everything would be great.
"HOPE IS NOT A STRATEGY" —-LTC[Ret]Dave Grossman

Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear, or a fool from any direction

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One response

  1. "I have NEVER heard of ANY MM group ever being asked to transport
    an illegal before. To me this says alot about the trust that we have
    established with BP. Thank you all for your dedication and

    I have been sayin' for a long time that the Mountain Minutemen have an
    outstanding unique working relationship with the USBP built upon trust
    and professionalism and this goes to prove it.
    Way to go Minutemen. Great report by the way Horsepuckies ~Bonfire~

    December 1, 2008 at 10:52

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